Two kids survived a plane crash. They were rescued and raised by a savage tribe on a remote island. Now, 15 years later, they escape the island to the civilized world, their imagined paradise, until they realize it isn't...

Director: Autumn Wang, Executive Producer: Han Wu, Mengle Han, Jifu Li, Ding Yuan, Cinematographer: Han Wu, Editor: Jifu Li, Mengle Han, Composer: Tao Liu, Screenwriter: Autumn Wang, Cast: Autumn Wang, Alex Demir, Ali Ahmad, Elvira Troger, Jay Dersahagian, Isreal Eilam

3:30pm | Twilight Zone (98M)


Say No To Driftwalking


As the DRIFT WALKING epidemic spreads, we can only hope that YOU are part of the solution. Say NO to DRIFT WALKING.

Director: Michael Pizzano, Cinematographer: Mackenzie Mauro, Editor: Michael Pizzano, Screenwriter: Michael Pizzano, Cast: Justin Andrew Davis, Tony Keefe, Lindsay Stein


Life For A Life


The story of two brothers, Per and Albin. Albin is very sick and doesn't how long left of his life. However Per refuses to accept this and when Albin refuses further treatment he is ready to do anything to save his brother. Per decides to perform a ritual to save his brother's life but it doesn't turn out how he intended. 'Life for a Life' is a film about love, life, and death. Giving in to the shit the world push on you or taking control of one's own life. To not be controlled by fear, envy, and violence. The film is about experiencing death being on the brink of it and how you cope with it.

Director: Johan Stavsjo, Producer: Louise Alexandersson, Cinematographer: Adam Normelli, Karl Lidh, Editor: Simon Thil, Composer: Daniel Ugander, Screenwriter: Andreas Fred, Cast: Charlie Petersson, Jonathan Andersson 

The Hobbyist


A seemingly ordinary man seeks out a sagacious druggist in search of an undetectable poison, but winds up getting more than he bargained for.

Director: George Vatistas, Executive Producer: George Vatistas, Bob Giraldi, Konstantin Lyubimov, Michael Beddome, Lata Kennedy, Harry Munz, Marion Munz, Cinematographer: Ryan de Franco, Editor: Adrian Carey, Composer: Rob Eletto, Screenwriter: George Vatistas, Cast: Robert W. Smith, Daniel Mitura, C.J. Gelfand, Teddy Kalin


Buy / Sell / Trade


A woman enters a store in which you can buy, sell, and trade memories.

Directors: Brett Boshco, Writers: Brett Boshco, Producers: Emily Carmichael, Key Cast: Priscilla McEver, Matthew MacNelly




A philosophy teacher discusses religion in class. In the street he is confronted to his subject in an unexpected way

Directors: Kevin Haefelin, Writers: Patrick Jeanneret, Producers: Patrick Jeanneret, Key Cast: Francois Florey

Just After MIdnight.jpg

Just After Midnight


Suzanne is a young blind primary school teacher. With a community of blind people, she keenly studies art history devoted to witches and to Satan’s erotology. Transformed, Suzanne tries to steal a man’s eyes to recover her eyesight. Her first attempt is a failure. Then, she chooses a more approachable and ingenue prey: her personal reader and bashful lover, Peter.

Directors: Jean-Raymond Garcia, Anne-Marie Puga, Writers: Anne-Marie Puga, Jean-Raymond Garcia, Producers: Baptiste Bauduin Lauben, Key Cast: India Hair, Rémi Taffanel




A Native American man from the seventeenth century finds himself mysteriously transported to modern-day Manhattan. How will he get home?

Directors: Albert B. Kahn, Writers: Albert B. Kahn, Producers:Albert B. Kahn, Key Cast: Bernardo Tiaba, Director of Photography: Jonathan Baudoin

Photo 2 GORGE_POSTER_4.jpg



A woman enters the woods in search of something ancient and evil.

Directors: Maxwell Seiler, Gabriel Francis, Writers: Maxwell Seiler, Gabriel Francis, Producers: Maxwell Seiler, Gabriel Francis, Elisa Libraty, Key Cast: Cheryl Ann Malgorzata, Editor: Maxwell Seiler; Sound Design: Gabriel Francis; Composer: Gabriel Francis

The Son, The Father


The events on a young boy's birthday have twisted consequences far into his future.

Directors: Lukas Hassel, Writers: Lukas Hassel, Producers:Ben Andrews, Lorraine Montez, Angela DiMarco, David Hogan, Key Cast: Lukas Hassel, Colleen Carey, Lucas Oktay, Chris Morson

6:00pm | Future-Sci Fi-Apocalypse (79M)

Through Her Eyes.jpg

Through Her Eyes


Remi should have died in this car accident, caused by a global blackout. Instead, he is in a deep coma. He can’t move or talk, but from time to time he can see. He sees his daughter Claire, 12 years old, helped by a unknown couple. Then he observes her again as a young woman, fighting for him and her own survival in the chaos of a wrecked city. Then he sees her again some months later. And then a few, weeks... months... years later...

He watches impassively, he travels through time…

Directors: Raphael Urbain, Writers: Raphael Urbain, Producers: Baptiste Menage, Key Cast: Meredith Cantau, Gregoire Aubert, Marianne Diebold, Nicolas Buchoux, Celine Quevreux, Medhi Berkane-Anterieux




In the near future, Rosalyn must make a hard choice after a mind bending procedure.

Director: Cidney Hue, Executive Producer: Cidney Hue, Judy Kace, Jack Kace, Joshua Kace, Cinematographer: Nona Catusanu, Editor: Meera Joshi, Jenny Liu, Composer: Sean Kim, Screenwriter: Cidney Hue, Cast: Michelle Beck, Ryan Quinn, Brit Whittle, Kisha Barr, Lily Bea Paranada-Fried, Victoria Nichols, Jayla Lavender Nicholas, Anaïs Safia Pezon, Madison Rue Centero




One night something extraordinary happens, sadly not for Carmen. Soon the dystopian society posed by "Old man" can become a reality.

Directors: Trueba & Trueba, Writers: Trueba & Trueba, Producers:Trueba & Trueba, Key Cast: Txema Blasco, Stephanie Magnin Vella




Year 2098, a strange incident got Mercury closer to Earth. Cosmic radiations caused by Mercury's presence hit the surface of Earth slowly killing everybody. Jess finds herself obligated to harvest fresh resilient blood to survive.

Directors: Pierre Edelmann, Writers: Pierre Edelmann, Producers:Robin Demoucron, Key Cast: Jessamine Bliss Bell

Population Control


Two agents from the Bureau of Disease and Population Control attempt to extract a carrier of a horrible rage virus. They discover that not only the infected ones have symptoms.

Directors: Patrick Avella, Writers: Isaac Rathbone, Producers:Isaac Rathbone, Patrick Avella, Rosa Rodriguez, Ravin Patterson, John Austin Wiggins, Key Cast: Rosa Rodriguez, Ravin Patterson, John Austin Wiggins, Christine Bermudez, Lea McKenna-Garcia, Jules Campbell  


The Passing


The humans of the future have embraced an AI controlled utopia. 'The Passing' is a short documentary from that time.

Directors: Ankur Kapoor, Writers: Ankur Kapoor, Abhay Kumar, Producers:Ashutosh Joshi, Kamal Asowal, Key Cast: Merenla Imsong,  Concept Art: Ankit Kapoor; Narrator: Mydrim Ballantyne; Cinematographer: Vivek Pant, Ankur Kapoor; VFX Producer: Vrinda Sood




Ben just turned 30. He's a shy man, and is in love with his coworker Diane. He's got two main passions in life : Historical reconstitutions with his figurines club, and his job at the Tourism Office in Nîmes, which consists in taking visitors on board across the city.

After a sad birthday party, he's about to go home when he runs down a man with his car. Terrified, he approaches the poor man, only to discover that he's facing a Roman named Volesus, who only speaks Latin and has travelled through time to show up in our present days.

Directors: Quentin Uriel, Writers: Grégoire Aubin, Quentin Uriel, Producers:Quentin Uriel, Maxime Roux, Key Cast: Clément Mauger, Yohan Genin, Anne Céline Trambouze, Alexianne Torres, Jonathan Chiche, Thierry Mortamais, Margaux Chatelier,  Director of photography : Maxime Roux; Original soundtrack: Gregory Para




APEX explores the emergence of a higher life form, the convergence of intelligence and higher consciousness in the primordial void of infinite potential. A portal through which something greater has emerged.

Directors: Stuart T Birchall, Writers: Stuart T Birchall, Producers:Numinous Pictures , Key Cast: Pixie Le Knot,  MUSIC: META (James Thomas); Executive Producer : Jay Euarchukiati; Make- Up & Prosthetics : Danny Marie Elias; DOP: Robert Wilton

8:00pm | Loneliness (82M)


To Catch A Fish


An aging fisherman tries to cope with his loneliness by revisiting the moments his father taught him how to fish as a child.

Director: Casey Jacobs, Producer: Marlene Massry, Cinematographer: Marlene Massry, Editor: Andrew Sanders, Screenwriter: Casey Jacobs, Cast: Robert W. Smith, Maxim Swinton, Erik Endsley




Penny is an emotionally repressed girl, hiding behind her sexuality. Her destructive lifestyle leaves her empty and unsatisfied and yearning for something more. Finally, she realises her desire for intimacy and connection.

Director: Alastair Wharton, Executive Producer: Ehran Edwards, Cinematographer: Ehran Edwards, Editor: Alana Greig, Screenwriter: Ehran Edwards, Cast: Aimee Lee Druett

Lambeth Lights


An homage to Charlie Chaplin's 'City Lights'. Shot in the streets where he grew up.

Director: Luca Bertoluzzi, Writer: Luca Bertoluzzi, Producers: Will Preston-George and Davo McConville at Park Village, Cast: Harry Macqueen ('Hinterland'), Imogen Morris and Bill Fellows ('Lady Macbeth'), Music: Lorenzo Piggici and Keaton Henson, Editor: Andy Phillips at the Chop House, Sound Design: Guy Chase at Vice, Grade: Thomas Mangham at The Mill, Photography: Isaac Eastgate


Sidewalk Angels


An old man seeks a new purpose to his life, trying to get accepted by a reluctant ambulance crew, assisting homeless people.

Director: Paulo Miranda, Executive Producer: Rui Pires, Cinematographer: Junior Malta, Editor: Manga Campion, Composer: Matheus Bellini, Screenwriter: Paulo Miranda, Cast: Joca Andreazza, Juca de Oliveira, Melissa Vettore


Skin Balloon


On the worst day of his life, at the height of the financial crisis of 2008, a Bear Stearns banker buys an hour with the stripper he's in love with.

Directors: Jenny Grace, Writers: Jenny Grace, Producers: Jenny Grace, Robert Vornkahl, Key Cast: Jenny Grace, Bryan Close, Kathryn Kates

Be careful antonio.jpg

Be Careful, Antonio!


Antonio’s life was quiet, until one day everything changed forever.

Directors: Yeray Pacheco, Writers: Yeray Pacheco, Octavio Pacheco, Producers: Yeray Pacheco, Key Cast: Rafael Navarro, Lorenza Machin




LOLA is about a freelancer who's been working from home alone for so long, the person she talks to the most is herself. But when her neighbor down the hall literally dies of loneliness, she tries to overcome her atrophied social skills to make some new friends (and survive).

Director: Gina Fitch, Gina Fitch, Artem Agafonov, Cinematographer: Artem Agafonov, Editor: Katie Bowen, Screenwriter: Diana Cherkas, Cast: Diana Cherkas, Jeanine Bartel, Ari Rossen, Christopher Michael McLam