Flin Flon: A Hockey Town


The mining town of Flin Flon is similar to most other small towns with one major exception – the community is lovingly obsessed with their junior hockey team, which over the decades has spawned several National Hockey League legends. Flin Flon, named for a science fiction character, lives and dies with its beloved Bombers.

As we travel with the Bombers on bus rides through the heartland, not only do we experience the excitement and anxieties of young athletes reaching for their dream, but we also discover the townsfolk who support the players not as athletes, but as young men aspiring to reach heights very few attain. With loyalty and affection, players and fans thrive off one another to make themselves the best they can be.

Directors: Dustin Cohen, Producers: Jennifer Sharpe, Dustin Cohen, Director of Photography: Soren Nielsen, Christine Ng, Editor: Kathy Gatto


That Way Madness Lies…

Co-Hosted by the New York Women in Film and Television


New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) advocates for equality in the moving image industry and supports women in every stage of their careers. As the preeminent entertainment industry association for women in New York, NYWIFT energizes women by illuminating their achievements, presenting training and professional development programs, awarding scholarships and grants, and providing access to a supportive community of peers.


Duanne Luckow begins a scary, dangerous and ever-escalating cycle of arrests, incarcerations, mental institutional stays including Oregon State Hospital (The setting of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), an inability to aid and assist in his own defense and releases to the streets without a plan. Until court ordered, he exercises his right to refuse treatment. HIPPA laws intended to protect his privacy, inadvertently cuts off his most ardent advocates from access to him, leaving him vulnerable to an overburdened system. Serendipitous events and coincidences gave documentary filmmaker, Sandra Luckow, access to intimate and illuminating footage because Duanne is her brother. With their cameras, they expose an ineffectual and inhuman system as well as themselves.

Directors: Sandra Luckow, Writers: Sandra Luckow, Producers: Regina K. Scully, Geryalyn Dreyfous, Abigail Disney, Key Cast: Anne Alvergue

6:00pm | Comedy

the road a drivers diary.jpg

The Road, A Driver’s Diary


A hapless Uber driver navigates an existential road trip with socially challenged passengers, the app-enabled ride-share companies and their bloated corporate greed.

Director: William Aylward, Executive Producer: Robert Jax, Cinematographer: David Dalasta, Editor: William Aylward, Screenwriter: William Aylward, Cast: William Aylward,Ashleigh Johnson, James Moore, Allen Meritt,Jeanie Smith,Claudia Ivonne,Ali Lear,David Fleet,Lindsey Cruz,Angelique Gorges,Drew Marvick,Mila Jax,Molly Montgomery,Charles Warburton,Sunny Bonner,Frank Laspina,Mike Wade,Claudia Cervenka,Haley Jessen,Ryan Collins,Brittney Krier


Say No To Drift Walking


As the DRIFT WALKING epidemic spreads, we can only hope that YOU are part of the solution. Say NO to DRIFT WALKING.

Director: Michael Pizzano, Cinematographer: Mackenzie Mauro, Editor: Michael Pizzano, Screenwriter: Michael Pizzano, Cast: Justin Andrew Davis,Tony Keefe, Lindsay Stein

Next Seat App still image.jpeg

Next Seat App


Everyone is frustrated by the NYC subway system, and a new app promises to improve commuting, but technical glitches and lapses in common courtesy get in the way.

Director: Denise Ivanoff, Producers: Beverly A. Smith, Julie A. McNamara, Justine Harrison, Cynthia Whitman, Cinematographer: Kevin Alexander, Editor: Cynthia Whitman, Denise Ivanoff, Justine S. Harrison, Julie A. McNamara, Screenwriter: Justine S. Harrison, Cast: Denise Ivanoff,Cynthia Whitman,Justine S. Harrison,Julie A. McNamara,Jimmy Robertson

Pouring Glory.jpg

Pouring Glory


'Pouring Glory' follows the meteoric rise and fall and rise again of the world's most infamous bartender of all time Tyler 'The Wrist' Reggiano. Adored by millions for his revolutionary drink slinging and on the brink of debuting a successful popstar career his mental strength and mixology skills would be tested. With an enemy on the rise and a schism with his one and only mentor/father figure, Tyler must conquer his demons and fight the future.

Director: Darren Lipari

To New Beginnings.jpg

To New Beginnings


Set in NYC, it's a romantic comedy about best friends KENNY and ROBBIE who work together to set each other up on dates. So instead of using a typical method of approaching girls directly and talking about themselves, they approach girls who are their best friend's type and try to arrange dates for each other. Eventually they meet SUZANNE a bartender who becomes Kenny's fixation, but apparently she is too busy to pay them any attention.

Directors: Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres, Writers: Nicholas VanderBorgh, Producers:Nicholas VanderBorgh, Key Cast: Scott Radock, Mike Holt, Tayler Hamilton, Donald Chang, Denisa Juhos and Maria Busquets

hanh, solo.jpg

Hanh, Solo: Episode 4 - The Bus Stop


Hanh thinks she's having a bad night after missing her bus, but it's just getting started...

Directors: Jason Taylor, Writers: Hanh Nguyen, Jason Taylor, Producers:Hanh Nguyen, Jason Taylor, John Dancy, Key Cast: Hanh Nguyen, Brian Duffy


Sid and Marge Have A Problem


Poor Sid Greenbaum can't sleep. He wakes his wife Margie to complain of a problem and she warns him that after four hours he must seek medical attention! The voluptuous EMT doesn't help remedy his particular situation. Meanwhile Marge is smitten with the young Assistant EMT in this screwball comedy.

Family appropriate - no bad language, but there is some obvious innuendo and a few euphemisms.

Directors: Cathrine Hatcher, Writers: Michael Baker, Producers: Michael Baker, Key Cast: Michael Baker, Lou Williford, Justin Duncan, Leslie Steele, Cinematography: Chuck Hatcher,  Editor: Raoul Torresi

Root Of Happiness.jpg

The Root of Happiness


Two strangers escape their family dilemmas for a night of discovery and jazz

Directors: Andy Truschinski, Writers: Andy Truschinski, Producers:Andy Truschinski, Sara Kay, Justin Ford, James Weis, Key Cast: William Jackson Harper, Jennifer Ikeda, Vanderlei Pereira

Total: 98M

8:00pm, 10:00pm | Relationships




A young man waits for the other shoe to drop.

Director: Madison Krol




Miscommunications plague an online romance in this intimate character study.

Director: Tom Petroskey

Stuck Image_Chain Film   Festival.jpg



When a couple who just broke up end up at the same party then get stuck in the coat room together, will they be forced to talk to each other?

Director: Andrea Coleman, Executive Producer: Andrea Coleman, Cinematographer: Kanyarat Rodhatbhai, Editor: Bob DeNatale, Screenwriter: Andrea Coleman, Cast: Andrea Coleman,Jason Quarles, Desmond Porbeni

too much noise.jpg

Too Much Noise


A film in American Sign Language. A deaf couple moves to New York to start a life together but find themselves at odds with their new environment.

Director: Michael Flood, Executive Producer: Shawna Brandle, Cinematographer: Kenneth R. Frank, Editor: Kevin Wolfring, Screenwriter: Michael Flood, Cast: Nour Ellakis, Robert Parcells Jr.




A talkative Australian traveler and a reclusive artist form an unlikely bond after an accidental 'break and enter' in Brooklyn.

Director: Julia Ngeow, Producers: Ashley George, Lauren McCune, Amanda Lamarr, Cinematographer: Scott Miller, Editor: Julia Ngeow, Winnie Cheung, Screenwriter: Julia Ngeow, Cast: Amy Everson, Alexandra Nell

Roaring Tides


ROARING TIDES is a twisted love-story that dives into the deeper understanding of what we all go through as humans and couples in this lifetime. The film explores love, loss, and the heartache of human existence - the confusion and power struggles we go through, while ultimately discovering our truth and purpose.

Directors: Aly Mang, Writers: Aly Mang, Producers: Aly Mang, Key Cast: Aly Mang, Hansel Pacheco, Ignacio Matynia, Jacob Stafford, Jon Martin




"On a hot summer's day, a couple is talking about their daughters' future when a tricky game comes up."

Directors: Pedro Moreno del Oso, Writers: Pedro Moreno del Oso, Producers:Pedro Moreno del Oso, Key Cast: Rodrigo Saenz de Heredia, Elisa Lledo

Our WAY to Fall.jpg

Our Way To Fall


A young girl on the playground is unsatisfied with her life until she encounters a girl who changes her perspective.

Directors: Zoey Peck, Writers: Zoey Peck, Producers:Zoey Peck, Key Cast: Adison Eisenberg, Jennean Farmer




When a forgotten relic reunites two exes, they must come to terms with the drastically different directions their lives have taken. Then, they try again.

"Backsiders" is a short film about what we must we give up in order to become ourselves.

Directors: Craig Newman, Jen Pitt, Writers: Michael Barringer, Producers:Craig Newman, Jen Pitt, Michael Barringer, Key Cast: Hennessey Land, Liza J. Bennett, Cinematographer: Michael Barringer




He slept with her, but dreamt of him.

Directors: Duane Michals, Writers: Duane Michals, Producers:Duane Michals, Josiah Cuneo, Key Cast: Whitney Harris, Michael Apuzzo, Michael Scalisi


The Awakening


Hot shot lawyer wanting love with an old college friend crosses paths with an imperfect stranger, and in one awful moment everything unravels.

Directors: Kevin Forde, Writers: David Prosser, Producers:David Prosser, Key Cast: Hanneke Talbot, Ellie Heydon, Calllum Blake, Olivia Elsden

Total: 99M