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2:00pm | Our Hardest Choices (77M)

A Mother's Love.jpg

A Mother’s Love


METHAMPHETAMINE: a.k.a.crystal meth, crank, chalk, ice, speed. Methamphetamine use has reached epidemic proportions in Winnipeg (film location) and across the world. Addiction affects the user and everyone in their lives. A Mother's Love lets us take a raw and painful look into addiction and its uncertainty through the eyes of a mother, the one person who will never give up on their child.

Director: Jenny Ng-Turner, Screenwriter: Susan Loewen, Cast: Susan Loewen, Story By: Susan Loewen, Screenplay: Allan Turner


Skin & Bones


A delusional, degenerate gambler goes through his daily routine.

Director: Matt Nye, Cinematographer: John Klein, Editor: Matt Nye, Screenwriter: Matt Nye, Cast: Michael Maino, Marcelino Feliciano, John E. Sullivan, Ric Morgan

Full Moon High Tides.jpg

Full Moon & High Tides in the Ladies Room


1975: a woman becomes pregnant—have the baby or have an abortion.

Director: Marcia Haufrecht, Composer: Tom Ashton, Screenwriter: Marcia Haufrecht, Cast: Suzanne DiDonna, Mark Borkowski, Tom Ashton, Dominique Plaisanty, Julie Hayes, Erika Longo, Denise Lute, John Short, Marcia Haufrecht, Ashton Clay, Marcia Haufrecht




In the near future, Rosalyn must make a hard choice after a mind bending procedure.

Director: Cidney Hue, Executive Producer: Cidney Hue, Judy Kace, Jack Kace, Joshua Kace, Cinematographer: Nona Catusanu, Editor: Meera Joshi, Jenny Liu, Composer: Sean Kim, Screenwriter: Cidney Hue, Cast: Michelle Beck, Ryan Quinn, Brit Whittle, Kisha Barr, Lily Bea Paranada-Fried, Victoria Nichols, Jayla Lavender Nicholas, Anaïs Safia Pezon, Madison Rue Centero




Stripped of her rights, a woman’s life changes when she ventures with her husband to remedy an impossible situation.

Directors: Will Hawkes, Melissa Center, Writers: Melissa Center, Producers: Will Hawkes, Melissa Center, Key Cast: Melissa Center, Matt Lasky, Noel Orput, Will Hawkes

4:00pm | Doc Block (105M)

No Convenient Season.png

No Convenient Season


Traveling between the extreme poles of violence and nonviolence, when all the windows are broken, the language of the unheard will be spoken. Archival images and original footage woven with nonfiction political prose make the case for the hard lesson we need to learn today.

Director: Jodie Trzaska, Cinematographer: Jodie Trzaska, Editor: Jodie Trzaska, Screenwriter: Jodie Trzaska


White Cane


A Day with a Blind Man

Director: Carlos J. Ramirez, Executive Producer: Carlos J. Ramirez, Screenwriter: Carlos J. Ramirez, Cast: Gustavo Ramirez

Books Are My Weapon.png

Books Are My Weapon


Donald Peebles is a Brooklyn librarian who swears by the power of books to help him through difficult experiences. In 2017, inspired by his own experience of homelessness, he started a homelessness outreach program at his library.

Director: Alice Obar, Cinematographer: Alice Obar, Editor: Alice Obar, Cast: Donald Peebles

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Rail Fan


Hidden in NYC's subway system there is a thriving subculture, rail fans; young men from the inner city who head into the subway not to travel from A to B, but to revel in the sights and sounds of the system. See what the city's subway obsessives find so fascinating about this sprawling, crowded and broken-down system - riding the subway in order to escape life's troubles.

Director: James Stuart, Cinematographer: James Stuart, Editor: James Stuart, Composer: Lachlan Thomas, Screenwriter: James Stuart


Disappearing NYC: Three Stories


There are a million stories in the New York City but we are losing them block by block.

Director: Christopher Ming Ryan, Editor: Christopher Ming Ryan




Everyone has a secret talent that not many people may know about. Discover what seems to be an ordinary man's powerful talent.

Director: Omar Gomez, Omar Gomez, Producer: Omar Gomez, Executive Producer: Omar Gomez, Cinematographer: Omar Gomez, Composer: Olafer Arnalds, Screenwriter: Omar Gomez, Cast: Tommy Ly



Based on the true life stories of the children at the Goldungha Orphanage for the Blind in Nepal, Parivara is a positive and hopeful story following young Kopila through a fateful day in her life after the 2015 earthquake. It is a universal story demonstrating the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

Directors: Alex Lora, Alex Kruz, Writers: Alex Kruz, Alex Lora, Producers: Alex Kruz, Key Cast: Shiva Sapkota, Cinematography: Alex Lora


All  For This


Melissa finds her voice by invoking early blues women: “They sang their stories and they were always just so heart-wrenching.” She’s not afraid to let it all out, and laughs about singing “hateful songs” like “God May Forgive You (But I Won’t).”

Directors: Eric Jenkins-Sahlin, DP: Eric Jenkins-Sahlin

Dominguez V Dominguez.jpg

Dominguez vs Dominguez


Michael Dominguez is a 61 year-old former championship boxer. The film explores why and how Michael, a former championship boxer went through his entire life as a boxer and later in life not ever learning how to read or write. Dominguez is a 61-year old boxer who won the 1981 Golden Glove 132-lb Open Championship and was also a member of the USA boxing team with Gold medalist Mark Breland. Two opponents that Dominguez was never able to beat are achieving literacy and himself. The film feature, Gold medalist, Mark Breland, his sister, singer/songwriter Brenda K Starr and Golden glove Trainer, Willie Dunne

Directors: Tracey Anarella, Producers: Tracey Anarella, Key Cast: Michael Dominguez, Brenda K Starr, Mark Breland

6:30pm | Comedy

the road a drivers diary.jpg

The Road, A Driver’s Diary


A hapless Uber driver navigates an existential road trip with socially challenged passengers, the app-enabled ride-share companies and their bloated corporate greed.

Director: William Aylward, Executive Producer: Robert Jax, Cinematographer: David Dalasta, Editor: William Aylward, Screenwriter: William Aylward, Cast: William Aylward,Ashleigh Johnson, James Moore, Allen Meritt,Jeanie Smith,Claudia Ivonne,Ali Lear,David Fleet,Lindsey Cruz,Angelique Gorges,Drew Marvick,Mila Jax,Molly Montgomery,Charles Warburton,Sunny Bonner,Frank Laspina,Mike Wade,Claudia Cervenka,Haley Jessen,Ryan Collins,Brittney Krier


Say No To Drift Walking


As the DRIFT WALKING epidemic spreads, we can only hope that YOU are part of the solution. Say NO to DRIFT WALKING.

Director: Michael Pizzano, Cinematographer: Mackenzie Mauro, Editor: Michael Pizzano, Screenwriter: Michael Pizzano, Cast: Justin Andrew Davis,Tony Keefe, Lindsay Stein

Next Seat App still image.jpeg

Next Seat App


Everyone is frustrated by the NYC subway system, and a new app promises to improve commuting, but technical glitches and lapses in common courtesy get in the way.

Director: Denise Ivanoff, Producers: Beverly A. Smith, Julie A. McNamara, Justine Harrison, Cynthia Whitman, Cinematographer: Kevin Alexander, Editor: Cynthia Whitman, Denise Ivanoff, Justine S. Harrison, Julie A. McNamara, Screenwriter: Justine S. Harrison, Cast: Denise Ivanoff,Cynthia Whitman,Justine S. Harrison,Julie A. McNamara,Jimmy Robertson


Pouring Glory


'Pouring Glory' follows the meteoric rise and fall and rise again of the world's most infamous bartender of all time Tyler 'The Wrist' Reggiano. Adored by millions for his revolutionary drink slinging and on the brink of debuting a successful popstar career his mental strength and mixology skills would be tested. With an enemy on the rise and a schism with his one and only mentor/father figure, Tyler must conquer his demons and fight the future.

Director: Darren Lipari

To New Beginnings.jpg

To New Beginnings


Set in NYC, it's a romantic comedy about best friends KENNY and ROBBIE who work together to set each other up on dates. So instead of using a typical method of approaching girls directly and talking about themselves, they approach girls who are their best friend's type and try to arrange dates for each other. Eventually they meet SUZANNE a bartender who becomes Kenny's fixation, but apparently she is too busy to pay them any attention.

Directors: Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres, Writers: Nicholas VanderBorgh, Producers:Nicholas VanderBorgh, Key Cast: Scott Radock, Mike Holt, Tayler Hamilton, Donald Chang, Denisa Juhos and Maria Busquets

hanh, solo.jpg

Hanh, Solo: Episode 4 - The Bus Stop


Hanh thinks she's having a bad night after missing her bus, but it's just getting started...

Directors: Jason Taylor, Writers: Hanh Nguyen, Jason Taylor, Producers:Hanh Nguyen, Jason Taylor, John Dancy, Key Cast: Hanh Nguyen, Brian Duffy


Sid and Marge Have A Problem


Poor Sid Greenbaum can't sleep. He wakes his wife Margie to complain of a problem and she warns him that after four hours he must seek medical attention! The voluptuous EMT doesn't help remedy his particular situation. Meanwhile Marge is smitten with the young Assistant EMT in this screwball comedy.

Family appropriate - no bad language, but there is some obvious innuendo and a few euphemisms.

Directors: Cathrine Hatcher, Writers: Michael Baker, Producers: Michael Baker, Key Cast: Michael Baker, Lou Williford, Justin Duncan, Leslie Steele, Cinematography: Chuck Hatcher,  Editor: Raoul Torresi

Root Of Happiness.jpg

The Root of Happiness


Two strangers escape their family dilemmas for a night of discovery and jazz

Directors: Andy Truschinski, Writers: Andy Truschinski, Producers:Andy Truschinski, Sara Kay, Justin Ford, James Weis, Key Cast: William Jackson Harper, Jennifer Ikeda, Vanderlei Pereira

Total: 98M