12:00 pm

Total: 93M

In Half (8M)
Past Inside The Present (12M)
Screener (8M)
The Traveler (5M)
NYC's Swift Trip to Suckdom (20M)
Le Risque Zero (28M)
Love Is Now Is Always (8M)
Material (2M)
The Red (2M)

2:15 pm

Web Series 2

Total: 80M

Full Disclosure (22M)
Carolers: Episode 1 (14M)
Brad Advice (33M)
Emma, Episode 9 (5M)
The Studio (6M)


Time Chicken (6M)
Oh My (4M)
The Last Words (6M)
What Kent Did (8M)
The Farthest Apple From The Tree (20M)
Working Poor (25M)
Heathen (12M)
Teddy (12M) 


Total: 88M

I Art New York (17M)
NYChapters: Bryan "Monkey" Northam (9M)
Under the City The Blue Bag Dropped (3M)
Raise and Remember: A Father's Survival Story (21M)
Arthur Avenue - The Little Italy in the Bronx (23M)
Metrocard (5M)
Parallel (10M)