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A writer finds himself trapped in a small inn overseen by a mysterious woman who is constantly encouraging him to finish his story.




It’s Christmas season in a small town somewhere in the Austrian countryside where, following tradition, the young local men parade in dæmon-like masks and costumes to frighten the children and chase away the winter. A young couple meet for a drink in a pub but are interrupted by a group of these paraders who initiate a seemingly friendly drinking challenge, changing their lives permanently.



Ludere is an experimental drama/mystery/thriller short film about the deep social divide between those who have been lost and the ones who are left behind to feel the dreaded effects of it all. What do we say to them if they are found once again?

The story is centered on the revelation of two sisters, Sharon and Imani, who recognize the dark truth behind their distanced relationship.


Zoe, What’s Going On?

When a 12-year old girl is nagged by her dad for being a bad influence on her younger sister, she and her sister join forces: demonically possessed forces.


Carnage Radio

A late-night radio show DJ in a small West Texas town receives a call on the air one night from an unfamiliar voice who leads him through a mysterious mind game.


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Later Event: August 13
The Zen Speaker: Breaking the Silence