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Armenia(s), Time for Artists | Past Forward

Armenia(s), Time for Artists

An Armenian artistic world exists today in France, that expresses itself, reflects on its identity, its history, but always, at the same time, deeply rooted in the culture of its adopted country.

To prove this cultural richness, this film aims to tell of this link and its transmission, highlighting the creative force of artists of Armenian origin through generations.

The subject of the film is portray these artists who have agreed to tell their story and what brought them to articulate their artistic creation. Their children too, became artists in their turn, and told about how they had made the transmission of Armenian culture through art.


Past Forward

Rokaya Marzouk, born in the early 60s,was raised in an Arab village in Israel. She knew from early childhood that she couldn't follow the traditional path of an Arab woman. Rokaya went to study in a university while it was very uncommon for Arab women in Israel and became the first school counsellor to work with the Bedouin tribes of South Israel. 

She later was trained as a psychotherapist to practice in a centre for sexually abused girls/children of the Bedouin community. This movie is her introspection, weaving aspects of her biography, her memories, roots and influences that led her to the position where she stands today.

Brave, innovative, respected, compassionate.


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