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One Last Thing Before I Go

Margot, an ancient vampire, must convince her soulmate to let her go on the eve of her death. 


The Counsellor

Gene Blackman by day is a well-respected counsellor who helps his clients face their problems. However by night, he is a serial killer with a thirst for the blood of those who have abused or harmed his clients or who have escaped the reach of the law. Gene puts his Falklands war training to good use, placing the ashes of his kills in his vegetable patch. 



A leaking air conditioner drives a Manhattanite to his breaking point, triggering an unthinkable accident that sends him on a hilarious journey across town.




A young reporter in NYC discovers the presence of a terrifying disease that spreads through social media.



In search of a good soul to consume, a sharp-dressed demon decides to kill his assistant's niece.


Carnage Radio

A late-night radio show DJ in a small West Texas town receives a call on the air one night from an unfamiliar voice who leads him through a mysterious mind game.


Zoe, What’s Going On?

When a 12-year old girl is nagged by her dad for being a bad influence on her younger sister, she and her sister join forces: demonically possessed forces.



The Mirror

A girl looks in the mirror and dreams… but reality is different.


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Later Event: August 17
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