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The Lost Weekend

After a rough breakup, Charlie Monahan dives headfirst into the world of online dating. Guided by his charismatic best friend, Rufus, Charlie meets the charmingly complicated Maggie Mae. Quickly learning the differences between expectations and reality, Charlie's forced to confront the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the digital age. In an era where everyone's connected, Charlie's never felt more apart.



Car Battery

When a woman decides to commit suicide at an old motel, she is confronted by someone from her past.




A woman cheating on her boyfriend is caught in a web of lies, but her lover isn’t playing it straight either.



Far From Ordinary

David Thompson is an unassuming outsider who is about to embark on a big time project that will change his life forever. He updates his social media followers of his progress every step of the way. Meanwhile, his carefree and outgoing older brother Evan pays him a visit, and shows him the cold, empty realities of today's high paced, technologically dependent world. Now faced with a deadline, does Dave have the will and resolve to go through with his plan, and finish his project?


This Great Nation2.jpg

This Great Nation

Based on current events, This Great Nation is a raw, unflinching look at two men with opposing views who cross paths in the racially charged climate of President Trump's America.




A frazzled young woman prepares to take the hardest test in the world. Thankfully the only thing on the line is everything.



Push Up

Upon a friend's breakup, a couple strives to connect with each other as they face their own impending estrangement.



Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ

A short documentary featuring Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro and when his love for graffiti was rekindled at the legendary 5Pointz graffiti mecca in Long Island City, New York. Louie reminisces about what 5Pointz means to him and to the wider graffiti art world.



Margarita of the River

A documentary paper cut-out animation in Spanish showcasing moments in the life of a woman from Honduras who immigrated to the United States in order to support her family back home.


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