Know Nothins


After their seventh and most lucrative heist, a team of five professionals celebrate and wait for their safe ride out of the state at their benefactor’s summer home.

Directors: Josh Kirk, Writers: Josh Kirk, Producers: Josh Kirk, Claudio Orefice, Key Cast: Claire Jamison, Claudio Orefice, Matt Addison, Peter Forde, Pedro Aijon, Rafay Rashid, Michael Zuccola


Call Me Brother


After years of separation, Lisa, an awkward girl in her late teens is reunited with her brother, Tony and father, Frank for a summer weekend while her mother is on a trip. Revisiting their past, Lisa and Tony find comfort in each other in an off-kilter world. Alongside an ensemble cast of shitty friends and dysfunctional family members, we watch as Tony and Lisa grow more intimate and discover feelings that they didn’t know were there.

Director: David Howe, Producer: David Bukstein, Shannon Cloud, Executive Producer: David Freedman, Derek del Bario, Cinematographer: Justin Howe, Editor: David Howe, Justin Howe, Composer: Justin Howe, Screenwriter: Christina Parrish, Cast: Christina Parrish, Andrew Dismukes, Kim Lowery, Asaf Ronen, Danu Uribe, Presley Fuentes, Charlie Reid, Nick Saverino, Enzo Priesnitz,Tate Allyn, Mason Pitluk, Kenah Benefield

6:30pm | Web Series (105M)


Breeding Grounds


In a world of bake sales and playdates, some women go to war, one passive aggressive slight at a time.

Director: Susan Skoog, Executive Producer: Durkin Bill, George Pelecanos, Cinematographer: Ben Wolf, Editor: Sheri Bylander, Verne Mattson, Screenwriter: Susan Skoog

Southern Comfort


“Southern Comfort” is a comedy about two women who, after marrying out of high school, decide to separate from their husbands and attempt to live independently for the first time to the disapproval of folks in their small, southern town.

Director: Austin Rye, Executive Producer: Malorie Cunningham, Cinematographer: Serenity Ewing, Editor: Anna King, Screenwriter: Malorie Cunningham, Cast: Malorie Cunningham, Kristen Ballard, Krisha Brook, Gabrielle Wedderburn

Science With Sophie.jpg

Science With Sophie


Science With Sophie: science comedy for girls and everyone. Think Bill Nye meets Good Eats meets Cosmos on a budget, with a strong female host. Sophie and her cast of characters (played by Sophie) invite you to find science all around you, and remind you that you are a smart, curious, funny, brave scientist every day.

Directors: Matthew Mann, Writers: Sophia Tyler Shrand, Laura Clark, Holly Lambert, Lori Strauss, Jess Sutich, Meredith Reddick, Producers: Megan St. John, Key Cast: Sophia Tyler Shrand, Creator: Sophia Tyler Shrand; Executive Producer: Sophia Tyler Shrand, Ethan Krupp, Holly Lambert, Brendan Mulhern, Matthew Mann; Director of Photography: Tom Kinstle; Assistant Camera: Allie Gospel; Sound Mixers: Ryan Harder, Mike Murrie; Script Supervisor: Courtney Gearhart, Visual Effects Artist: Remington Cleve, VFX: Christopher Gearhart; Makeup/Hair: Gabrielle Rivera ; Spanish Translations: Laura Rico-Beck, Associate Producers: Ruth Ann Harnisch, Julia Sable, Anna Konyukhova, Carol Shrand, Joseph Shrand, Ralph Dandrea, Jake Moore


Redheads Anonymous


To win a Redhead Scholarship, Molly and her three ginger pals must find out: what does it mean to be a redhead?

Directors: Daniel Seth, Writers: Elisabeth Ness, Juliet Brett, Kevin Sebastian, Justin Liebergen, Producers: Elisabeth Ness, Natalie Neckyfarow, Key Cast: Elisabeth Ness, Ethan Slater, Kathleen Littlefield, Juliet Brett


The Sweatshop


Millennial friends—owing $100K to a Korean mobster who loaned them money for their 'Beard Bag' invention AND owing 100k units of the BBs to a just-as-vicious marketeer—find their only way out is to create a fake reality show, 'The Sweatshop,' where contestants will work for free to make the Beard Bags, thinking they are on TV.

Directors: Stephan Fleet, Writers: Becca C. Smith, Dylan Wrenn, Producers: Rajan Shandil, Key Cast: Dylan Wrenn, Dusty Moon, Jesse Leighton, Pierre Lim, Natalie Avital, F. M. Sherrill, Natasha Troop

The Feels


The Feels follows the awkward and endearing Charlie, a bi illustrator and high school teacher trying to navigate adulthood and queerhood. Rather than present a traditional story arc, each episode of the show is more a series of tender human moments—a live-action comic strip, a daily dose of humanity.

Directors: Naje Lataillade, Tim Manley, Writers: Tim Manley, Producers: Bonnie Blue Edwards, Key Cast: Tim Manley, Adepero Oduye, Tyler Ford, Tara Clancy

Frank and Lamar


Frank and Lamar follows two best friends who live together and work together as middle school teachers in New York City. When workplace drama, romance, and personal growth turn their world upside down, their friendship is put to the test.

Directors: Fred Soligan, Writers: Carl Foreman Jr., Anthony Gaskins, Producers: Grey Hour Media, Devin Ershow, IFC, Comedy Crib, Anthony Gaskins, Carl Foreman Jr., Key Cast: Carl Foreman Jr., Anthony Gaskins, Iman Richardson, Daniel Le, Tessa Claire Hersh, Natasha Vaynblat, Evan Hoyt

9:00pm |Comedy

Cheese Shop.jpg

Cheese Shop


Cheese Shop takes place over the course of one long day at an artisan cheese shop. Ella, an out-of-work actress, struggles to wrap cheese in plastic, build trays, and cut every variety of cheese throughout her first day of work at the shop. Meanwhile, her life outside the shop appears to be falling apart: career failure, a break-up, and… bed bugs.

But an interaction with a sage cheesemonger and a particular block of cheddar helps to put everything in perspective. Cheese Shop is a bitter-sweet, funky little film… like a simple wedge of cheese.

Directors: Sammy Zeisel, Writers: Sammy Zeisel, Producers: Adam Volerich, Richard S. Schiffrin, Key Cast: Ella Pennington, Molly Brennan

Tyrannosaurus Death.jpg

Tyrannosaurus Death!


'Tyrannosaurus Death!' is a whimsical romp through suburban melancholy told through split timelines. We follow Russell, a traumatized loner who poetically narrates us through the past and present as he commits a life-altering faux pas and tries to bounce back from it.

In the past we see Russell in the lead up to the decision that forever changes him and in the present we watch him try to right his wrong, but the psychological self-harm caused by this decision has left him unable to take off a Dinosaur costume or speak out loud. He is aided on his journey to redemption by his twin sister, Maggie, and their friends.

Directors: Adam Volerich, Writers: Adam Volerich, Producers: Adam Volerich, Noam Harary, Richard R. Schiffrin, Key Cast: Ron Phippen, Jessica O'Hara-Baker, Noam Harary, Duane Cooper, Inga Schlingmann

The Blank Page.jpg

The Blank Page


A young writer fights off the intimidating blank page and others’ fantasies to discover her own voice.

Directors: Lou Dubigeon, Writers: Lou Dubigeon, Producers:Lou Dubigeon, Key Cast: Naomi Greene, Cinematographer: Scott Ray, Score: Aloïs Champougny



A new romantic comedy...with a little bite. 3 dudes meet up one night in downtown New York with plans to score. But the girls they meet have other plans. 'ENTOURAGE' meets 'DRACULA' in this black and white short shot on location in New York City, and shot completely on iPhone!

Directors: Daniel Moser, Writers: Daniel Moser, Producers: Daniel Moser, Key Cast: Andrew Spieker, Hannah Eakin, Timothy Regan, Alina Gerasimova, Gerome Samonte, Kate Hoover


Clown Under the Bed


After best friends, Adam and Devin, unexpectedly find themselves in the criminal underworld, they are taken through their lowest lows and their highest highs. Will they save the ferrets?

Director: Nathan Colby, Cinematographer: Nathan Colby, Editor: Nathan Colby, Screenwriter: Devin McCord, Cast: Devin McCord, Adam Narimatsu