12:00PM | Women (105M)


Leia’s Army


A family is torn apart when a teenage girl attends the Women's March in DC without telling her born-again Christian mom.

Directors: Oriana Oppice, Writers: Jane Barbara, Producers: Oriana Oppice, Jane Barbara, Key Cast: Rachel Sonvico, Bolton Marsh, Lisa Hodsoll, Ilona Dulaski


Willow Creek Road


Big Sky Grant recipient 'Willow Creek Road' explores the internal world of a lonely, Montana ranch hand, Ruth. When Ruth is unexpectedly drawn into the lives of two children, she slowly assumes the role of a Mother; awakening a sense of play, femininity, protection and connection. Ruth must face reality, and ultimately herself, when the kids' mother returns home. The external character of Montana mirrors Ruth's emotional arc throughout the course of the film.

Directors: Francesca Mirabella, Writers: Francesca Mirabella, Jenna Ciralli, Producers: Jenna Ciralli, Jonathan Branden, Will Chilton, Key Cast: Jenna Ciralli, Scout Burdette, Preston Wagner, Mary Riitano

Empty Woods.jpg

The Empty Woods


A woman enters the world of an image in a nature photography exhibit to escape the bizarre patrons of the art gallery where the image hangs. Arriving in a surreal forest of precisely-ordered rows of trees, she discovers her enemies have followed her.

Directors: John Barnard, Writers: Suzanne Pringle, John Barnard, Producers: Suzanne Pringle, John Barnard, Key Cast: Suzanne Pringle

From Sarajevo


A teenage girl escapes war torn Bosnia with dreams of becoming a dancer.

Directors: Kristen McNaule, Writers: Kristen McNaule, Lejla Bajramovic, Producers: Kristen McNaule, Brendan Butt, Kirk Knapp, Key Cast: Jaclyn Stewart




A Chinese American daughter questions her's mom's frugality.

Director: Xiao Wang, Cinematographer: Tiff Pemberton, Editor: Ali Mao, Screenwriter: Xiao Wang, Cast: Danni Wang, Lihua Sun, Xiao Wang, YuRong Zhao



After the global phenomenon Cloudcrash, a generation of "screen-agers" are forced to cope with the loss of their tech devices. Mirrors replace screens as the self-obsessed are sent to a rehabilitation facility where they are haunted by a monster named TRUTH and must learn to get over themselves.

Directors: JD Wilson, Writers: JD Wilson, Producers: JD Wilson, Key Cast: Madelyn Barkocy, Shane Hanney, Donne Petito, Eric Walby, Mike Keeks, Wesley Bailey III




Stripped of her rights, a woman’s life changes when she ventures with her husband to remedy an impossible situation.

Directors: Will Hawkes, Melissa Center, Writers: Melissa Center, Producers: Will Hawkes, Melissa Center, Key Cast: Melissa Center, Matt Lasky, Noel Orput, Will Hawkes


The Dude Abides: THE BIG LEBOWSKI!

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Big Lebowski

Special Event: The Usual Rejects

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