Interview with Eduardo Moises Escribano Solera


This is a very particular and beautiful slice of life: how did you as filmmakers discover this man's process? 

The short film was made under a motto: "We invented or made a mistake". As the filmmaker I wanted to shoot a story about humans and how wrong they were after the invention of plastic. Discovering in a post apocalyptic future the solution we should be demanding today. I wanted to create a reflection for the viewer about the environment and the need to care for our planet. 


How many days of shooting did this story require? How much time between shoot dates? 

Shooting was only one day. Then pre-production had 3 days and another day for script writing. Post-production were two days. We took one week took to prepare the story and to find the perfect location to shot it.


What was something you as filmmakers took away from this filmmaking experience? 

I had a great friendship with the director of photography who I had worked  with in the past, but I had not worked with the actor. In fact we met only two days before and now they are one of my best friends. The team was quite small and we formed a great family, all who I have continued working with. In my next project the actor/protagonist will return to be Keybis Keba Danso and with the exception of some changes due to a problem with dates, the rest of the equipment will be exactly the same as Innova.