Christmas Break

Thursday, August 10, 3:30pm


Friday, August 11, 6:30pm

Interview with Writer Irene Caparros


What is your process directorial when you create an animated short?

I think an animated short starts as any other story, looking at universal feelings. In this case, realizing how wonderful people are when they don’t pretend to be anyone else other than themselves. Someone who is natural and unique, wild and tender. 


What was inspiration for this funny and heartwarming short?

Classical movies such as Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon as the main characters, the love-hate relationship between them, and the particular atmosphere of Christmas.  


If you were to write and create a sequel for these two foes, what would happen?

I imagine they are a married couple who and start fighting and thinking of divorce, only to discover by the end why they find each other so special. I can even think of a prequel, their separate lives before being neighbors and how they met. That would be tremendous fun. Speaking to Toni, the co-director of ‘Christmas break’, we imagine our two friends as Celine and Jessi from ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’, by Richard Linklater, and how they evolve to ‘Before midnight’!