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The Alexander Samuelson Trail


At a time when Sweden was one of the worlds most impoverished countries, Alexander Samuelsson was born, the fifth child of a family of whom had suffered the losses of his first three siblings before they reached the age of one. The man responsible for what is likely known as the world’s most famous packaging. His life starts on a mill but after years of hardship his family was forced to move to Gothenburg were he grew up around the pubs and brothels. His father found work at a glass mill, where Alexander himself, was forced to become a glass mill worker as a child. The long and arduous path to become a glass blower was hardly child’s play, and a new country in the west, offering new opportunities, beckons. They set their course for a small town in Illinois and began to work repairing bicycles, unaware that Alexander’s career soon would gain momentum. This documentary film takes us on a journey to the 19th century, through the footsteps of one of those who decided to leave Sweden when the conditions became too dire. We will try to relive the times when industrialism began to blossom around the world and Alexander Samuelson puts his name on the patent of one of the most famous paging in the world. The Coke-bottle. But was he really the brain behind the bottle?

83M - Studio Theatre

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