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Comedy & Crime

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Buddy CoPs

What if you tried to make Law & Order but with no budget, and, for some reason, had no idea that your added effects clearly did not fit in? You get one heck of a comedy... BUDDY CoPS!



Dark Justice

A comedy series about policing in America now in its third season.


J City Heights Bear and Bitcoin 1.jpg

J City Heights: Bear and Bitcoin

Blake and his roommate Bear (a North American black bear) live in the ghetto of Jersey City, New Jersey. After finding $50,000 on the body of a murder victim, they believe their financial worries are over. Unfortunately, Blake spends all their money on Bitcoin right before the price crash, so they are back in financial trouble.

As Blake scrambles to get their money back, they discover that Bitcoin is actually part of an alien plot for world domination. Blake and Bear are left with one choice… kill or be killed.



Good Night Alta Vista

A pair of unemployed friends set out to rob an old co-worker.


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