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A black teenager transfers from his predominantly white school to an all black school.



The Voicemail

A missed call. A tired heart. Another earth-shattering day of being Black in America. “THE VOICEMAIL” explores the everyday traumas experienced by Black people in America, told from the perspective of a son who takes heed of his mother’s warning. Part of a film scoring series by writer, director, and composer Kyle Solomon.


The Brotherhood1.jpg

The Brotherhood

Two brothers, Stefan and Eric, struggle to come to an understanding about the loss of their younger brother. 



Trouble Finds You

Bronx native Kraig Lewis was set to graduate with a Masters in business, determined to get his son out of the rough streets of his NYC neighborhood. Instead, his life is turned upside down when he’s caught in the city’s largest gang bust in history. Now, he has to find a new path forward.



Ethically Ambiguous?

As he goes on auditions, a multi-racial actor navigates the complexities of 'looking' the part. We follow Ryan, an ethnically ambiguous actor, as he searches for some truth. Ryan can 'pass' for a lot of different ethnicities but does that mean he should? A thought-provoking comedy.


This Great Nation

Based on current events, This Great Nation is a raw, unflinching look at two men with opposing views who cross paths in the racially charged climate of President Trump's America.


77M - Main Stage

Earlier Event: August 10
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