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Acts of Contrition

A priest grapples with his experiences of faith, the past, and his ride-sharing night job in an attempt to prevent a grieving penitent's death.


In the name of the strawberry, the chocolate, and the holy spirit

Priest Petar is living in overly Christian Mediterranean village, completely devoted to his profession. On a beautiful first day of spring, after the Sunday mass he wants just one thing— enjoy an ice cream. But the ice cream merchant mister Djuro and the village, in order to preserve the virtue of his priest, are not complying with his idea. He will do anything for this simple pleasure, even the cost of his faith.


Near Death 30

In an impoverished, high-crime neighborhood, no one has the time, the trust or the faith to go to mass any longer. The Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is dying. The Parish Priest, Father Marco, is struggling to get his congregation back. So, he teams up with LAPD Detective Larson, a cynical non-believer who, wondrously, is the only one who can help him. A journey begins where their lives will be changed forever. 




What if growing up in the church led you to believe you weren't going to grow up at all? 


Later Event: August 15
Family Obligations