Woman grieving recent death of her dog (and her father three years earlier) gets an opportunity to reconnect with her 14 year old niece when her estranged sister calls and asks her to have the girl visit. Sister won't say why she needs the favor and it is clear the sisters don't want to reconcile.

Directors: Shira Levin, Writers: Shira Levin, Producers: James Kwei, Key Cast: Margaret Curry, Christopher L. McAllister, I, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Sophia Colon Roosevelt, Lois Markle

6:00pm | Growing Older (97M)


Wide Awake Dreaming


When Joey Daley discovers his mother Molly suffers from early onset Lewy Body Dementia, he decides to document her daily life and share it with the world on YouTube. The episodes inspire millions around the world, but the experience takes an unexpected toll.

Director: Mariana Keller, Producer: Becky Bratu

How You Are To Me


John lives with Alzheimer's, and his wife Margaret is his full-time caretaker. Today they have a wedding to go to. As Margaret bathes him, dresses him, and prepares him for their big day out, we see the day from John's perspective, as he sees her—the age they were when these lovers first met.

Director: Aemilia Scott, Cinematographer: Jay Keitel, Editor: Karen Glienke, Screenwriter: Evan Bass, Cast: Evan Bass, Miranda Noelle Wilson, Daniel Berkey, Melinda Tanner, Christopher Grant, Thomas Grube

The Art of Adapting.jpeg

The Art of Adapting - Parkinson’s


Tina Epstein uses painting to, for a moment, escape the realities of Parkinson's.

Directors: Christian Ayala, Producers: Christian Ayala, Giovanni Pantoja

7:8ths Of the way there.jpg

7/8ths of the Way There


Meet George and Kathy. He's a quirky, fun loving, terminally ill man preparing for penile implant surgery, and she's a deep-thinking workaholic who wants to plan for their uncertain future. With the clock ticking and nothing to distract from his prognosis, George reflects on the family he’s loved and lost, from the father who fondled him to the daughter whose ashes he spread, while Kathy begins to face the inevitability of a life without the man and the work she loves. Imbued with humour, this meditative look at a marriage facing mortality shares universal questions of loss, love, death, and sex, all through the eyes of a curious couple on the way to accepting the end.

Directors: Mary Gerretsen, Producers: Anthony Mangini, Emily Corapi, Key Cast: Geroge Martin, Kathy Martin

Final Polish.jpg

Final Polish


Two women discover they have similar interests—dead husbands.

Directors: Paul Kelly, Writers: Paul Kelly, Producers: Paul Kelly, Key Cast: Judith Roberts, Ching Valdes-Aran, Co-Producer: Celeste Balducci, Editor: Spencer Barringer, Paul Brenner, Music: Neil Kirkpatrick

8:30pm | Grieving (85M)


The Breakwater


Estranged siblings Jon and Laura must put aside their grievances to fulfil a family member's final wish.

Director: Matt Hingstman, Editor: Matt Hingstman

Selfish Ones.jpg

The Selfish Ones


Two reminiscent brothers attend a wake while an underlying secret begins to reveal itself.

Director: Dharius Zulkefli, Producer: Eric Grisanti Grisanti, Executive Producer: Eric Grisanti Grisanti, Jonathan Lia, Editor: Alexandra Boskovich, Cast: William Jousset, Jessica Afton


Coming to Terms


After her husband passes away, Beauty recreates his presence using the belongings he left behind.

Director: Atdhe Trepca, Cinematographer: Dustin Supencheck, Composer: Garett Schmidt, Screenwriter: Theo Trepca, Cast: Jennifer Ashe, Tim Molyneux, Chris Markle, Alexander Escobar, Amelia Montelongo, Amity Gomez, Amy Glinskas, Annie Hernandez-Ball, Ari Kandor, Benjamin McKnight, Bryan Alexander, Daniel Strehlau, Danielle Silverstone, Devorah Dishington, Forrest Lark, Jake Adams, Larry Herskove, Marcus Mortland, Mark Piller, Matt Flink, Max Burbank, Nathan Davis, Nicola Tombacco, Noah Meordanz, Rodrigo Rohden, Shaaheen Karabi, Stephanie Schulz, Syntia Zeni, Toni Maddocks


After She Left


A glimpse of my heart and mind amidst the torrent of emotions brought about by the loss of a dear friend.

Director: Yuting Lei, Screenwriter: Yuting Lei

En Route.jpg

En Route


Two estranged sisters must face each other for the first time in a year—on the 6-minute ride to their deceased brother's memorial.

Directors: Pamela Harris, Writers: Kathryn Rhoads, Pamela Harris, Producers:Elisabeth Ness, Key Cast: Elisabeth Ness, Kathryn Rhoads, Cinematographer: Ed Nescot

Popcorn & Chocolate


A tenacious middle school band student selling fundraisers helps a grief stricken military family recover from their loss.

Directors: Cathrine Hatcher, Writers: Michael Baker, Producers: Michael Baker, Key Cast: Michael Baker, Kimberly Gail Williams, Frances Watson, Cinematography: Chuck Hatcher; Editor: Raoul Torresi

There Could Be Nothing After This.png

There Could Could Be Nothing After This


A mother seeks closure.

Directors: Andrew Huggins, Writers: Andrew Huggins, Producers:, Key Cast: Catherine Trail, Vanessa Ore




A son attempts to reunite with his estranged father.

Directors: Lance J. Reha, Writers: Tom Bragg, Producers:, Key Cast: Frank Albanese, Drew Maniscalco  


Good Man


A family man struggles with grief after losing his husband and child.

Director: David Rey, Screenwriter: Brandon Scott Hughes, Cinematographer: John Kesl, Editor: Mary Ashley,  Cast: Brandon Scott Hughes, John Rice, Morgan James Nichols, Lenny Thomas, Producer: Mary Ashley, Brandon Scott Hughes