Web Series 2

friday, August 12 | 2:15Pm


When the rich and famous need advice, they turn to Brad Johnston. He's full of it.

DIRECTOR + editor + screenwriter:

Brandt Johnson


Lauretta Prevost, Danielle Mathias


Keith Middleton, Brandt Johnson


Brandt Johnson, Keith Middleton, Judy Gold, Stephen Bradbury, Sophie Carissimo, Summer Broyhill, Martina Dimitrova, Joel Mora, Joe Conceison, Melissa Johnson Carissimo, Jamal Marshall

Carolers - Episode 1: A Tale of Two Cheeses

An inside look at the cut-throat world of professional caroling!

director + screenwriter: 

Sarah Arikian-Coe

Emma - Episode 09: [Blank] My Life

[Blank] My Life is a surreal, comedic web series which follows Susan, a 20 something millennial, on her quest to fine love and simultaneously not end her life.

DIRECTORs + executive producers: 

Alexandra Spieth, David Spadora

Full Disclosure (Season 1)

They're more than just friends. They're roommates... in a studio... sleeping in the same full bed.


Stuart Baker


Katie Baker, Corrie Nance

DIRECTOR + editor: 

Katie Baker


Katie Baker, Corrie Nance


Brad Buehring

The Studio

The Studio is a comedy web series about love, friendship and the absurdities of running a small pilates studio in Chicago. If laughter is the best medicine, The Studio is that light and easy laughter workout to whip anyone into hilarious shape: the flexible, the non-flexible, Millennials, Baby Boomers, and that weird generation in between.

DIRECTOR + editor: 

Chris Bashen


Melissa McNamara, Chris Bashen, Gavin Donnellan, John Loos, Matt Amador, Nelia Miller, Alexis Atwill, Maddie Schmitt, Audrey Kopera