Web Series 1

Monday, August 8 | 8:45pm


Two millennials. No technology.


Blake Silver

executive producers:

Schuyler Helford, Alexandra Ruddy


Schuyler Helford, Alexandra Ruddy

Katy in the Bush

Katy in the Bush is a short comedic web series that follows the misadventures of Katy, an easy going oddball who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In each episode, Katy's absurd run-ins with colorful locals help her unpack her fears of adulthood and misgivings with society in general.


Hamilton Longyear


Liz Vendetti, Jonathan Demuth


Evan Kaufman

executive producer + screenwriter + cast:

Katy Berry

Single Rules

Millie has been out of the dating scene for awhile and is ready to jump back in head first, into a pool with no water. Her rookie mistakes keep her friends on their toes as they try to help Millie break her bad dating habits. Beginners luck might just be on her side as we go on a journey where she will grow and better herself... with or without a man.


Matthew Mahoney

executive producers:

Millie Torchetti, Marisa Kennedy


Juan Carlos Mayorga


Tracy Szatan


Millie Torchetti


Millie Torchetti, Marisa Kennedy, Elise Sievert, Anthony Bucci, Josh Mendelow, Brent Winzek, Mik Kuhlman, Shane O'grady

The Studio

The Studio is a comedy web series about love, friendship and the absurdities of running a small pilates studio in Chicago. If laughter is the best medicine, The Studio is that light and easy laughter workout to whip anyone into hilarious shape: the flexible, the non-flexible, Millennials, Baby Boomers, and that weird generation in between.


Melissa McNamara, Chris Bashen, Gavin Donnellan, John Loos, Matt Amador, Nelia Miller, Alexis Atwill, Maddie Schmitt, Audrey Kopera

DIRECTOR + editor: 

Chris Bashen