Saturday, August 12, 2:15pm

Web Series


Be: The Series


Bettina and Elaine are back navigating NYC as best friends with their secret weapon of connection - their cell phones! Watch three episodes from Season 2 and experience the funny, heartfelt, eccentric moments that make up their friendship and keep the two glued together.

Director: Philip Rossi, Laura Archer, Chad Marshall Young
Producer: Laura Archer, Calaine Schafer, Kristina Mueller
Screenwriter: Calaine Schafer, Kristina Mueller
Cast: Kristina Mueller, Calaine Schafer




COHAB is a comedy webseries about sharing space.

Director: Dave Quay
Producer: Rachel Mewbron
Screenwriter: Rachel Mewbron
Cast: Rachel Mewbron, Clea Alsip, Bill Army, Matt Citron, E'dena Hines, Megan Ketch, Kareem Lucas, Amelia Pedlow, Maria Peyramaure


Reality Disorder


Nikki and Gerard, two struggling independent producers in New York City, are desperate for a hit series. After a promising meeting with a television network, they set off to make a reality show with Gerard's rich playboy cousin.

Director: Gerard Bianco Jr.
Producer: Nikki Gold, Gerard Bianco Jr.
Screenwriter: Gerard Bianco Jr., Nikki Gold
Cast: Gerard Bianco Jr., Nikki Gold, Lynne Koplitz, Jordan Carlos, Mike Vezza, Sheba Mason, Christopher Bencomo




When a (brilliant [but socially inept]) programmer is shut down by the girl of his dreams, he sets out to debug his love life.

Director: Kevin Herrera
Executive Producer: Jesse Einstein, Kevin Herrera
Cinematographer: Kevin Herrera, Luke Dejoras
Editor: Kevin Herrera
Composer: Isaac Haig, Alexander Taylor
Screenwriter: Kevin Herrera
Cast: Jesse Einstein, Stephanie Tucker, John Rubinstein, Kevin Herrera, Connor Kelly-Eiding, Katie Hilliard, Michael Shen, Brennan Murray, Ryan Jacobs, Keelin Woodell, Erin Segal, Olivia Chaniewski, Leonora Gorshman-Pitts, Kosha Patel, Blake Berlin, Jen Kuhn, Wendy Cutler, Will North, Charlie Pecoraro, Tina Tong, Janelle Dote, Patrick Ferrell, Ben Deschaine


The Studio Season 2


Season 2 of the Episodic comedy web series that's quirky but still a little bit healthy. Laughter and fitness come together to keep you fit!

Director: Melissa McNamara, Chris Bashen, Melissa McNamara
Executive Producer: Melissa McNamara
Screenwriter: Melissa McNamara


Dark Justice (15M)

A comedy series about the first black cop in a small town.

Director: Mike Gerbino
Executive Producer: Mike Gerbino
Screenwriter: Mike Gerbino