Treasures and Homelessness

tuesday, August 9 | 8:15pm

Fair and Square Max

Two homeless men make big plans for the future.

DIRECTOR + screenwriter:

Patrick Clement


Omar Kakar


James Graseck


Bryen Luethy, Marshall Sharer, Joe Noh, James Graseck, Ryan Craver

One Man's Trash

For 34 years, Nelson Molina has worked for the NYC Department of Sanitation, developing a unique relationship to the objects that fill the garbage bags lining the streets. With a keen curatorial eye for finding treasure in household trash, Nelson has created a collection of found objects in a sanitation garage in East Harlem, which he refers to as a museum of "Treasures in the Trash." This collection is a reflection of the community he has been serving and is perfect for a festival based in Harlem. As the film follows Nelson on his route and through his collection, he encourages us to see the things that we encounter in daily life anew.


Kelly Adams

Signs of Humanity

For years, advertising guru and SMU professor Willie Baronet has been fascinated by the signs the homeless use encouraging one to help. His artistic eye and agency background saw more than a plea - he saw art, he saw life, he saw humanity. Embracing his desire to create a "HeART" project, Willie drives cross-country for a month—all the while buying the signs of the homeless he meets along the way. From Seattle to San Diego, Vegas to Cincinnati, Philly to New York, and points in between. Visiting with the people from whom he buys the signs, Willie meets a cross-section of America. Their common ground - they have no home. SIGNS OF HUMANITY follows Willie and his team throughout this trek. They start in Seattle not knowing what they are going to find or whom they are going to meet. Their sole desire - to collect these signs, talk to the homeless, and seek to discover: "What does home mean to you?"


Tim Chumley, Willie Baronet

cinematographer + editor: 

Tim Chumley

The Firmest Friend

The Firmest Friend tells the story of human and canine outsiders finding their way into each other's lives and giving each other hope where previously there had been none.


Andrew Fixell