Micah B. Chartrand

Interviewed by Isaac Vancuren for Chain NYC Film Festival

How did you go along choosing the color temperature for the bar? How do you think that helps convey the tone of the piece?

That's all my cinematographer. For practical purposes, the film needed to take place in modern day, but I wanted it to have a nostalgic feel too. Eric was able to find a really nice blend of darkness and warmth that I thought complimented this idea.   

Is there a special someone in your life who inspired this film?

No, not really. I just love pathological liars, though there are a bunch of details I poached from real life. 

Is lying a drug?

Teddy likes to fuck with people and lying is the best way for him to do it. At his core he has the need to be liked by people and almost always people do. Lying is fun for him and he's always curious about how far he can take things and how much people will buy his stories.

Do you think someone like Teddy truly can prosper?

Sure. He's kind of a sociopath and takes advantage of people's trust. He may wear down that trust, but he's very charming and if the bridges burn, there are always more bridges elsewhere.

How did you manage to find the brilliant mix of comedy and drama?

I just played everything as real and dramatic as possible and hoped that the situations would take care of the comedy.