Wednesday, August 9, 6:00pm



The Pitch


In Elizabethan London, William Shakespeare pitches story ideas to a producer.

Director: Philip Street
Composer: Damian Kearns
Screenwriter: Philip Street


the Seven Men of Hanukkah


Not Every Audition is About Getting the Role...

Director: Daryl Lathon
Executive Producer: Daryl Lathon, Sharon Cooper, Al Cooper, Pauline Cooper
Cinematographer: Don Downie
Editor: Daryl Lathon
Composer: Nick Moore
Screenwriter: Sharon Cooper
Cast: Mike Houston, Jenny Kirlin, Shetal Shah, Sharon Cooper, Daryl Lathon




Retired puppeteer breathes life into more than just his puppets.

Director: Rossella Laeng


King’s Highway: The Story of Malcolm Fairfield


What happens when you realize your long-deceased brother is one of the most famous ghosts in New Jersey? Can tragedy transform into mythology? If you lived for the stage, would part of you always remain there? 'King's Highway: The Story of Malcolm Fairfield' explores these questions through interviews, archives, and reenactments.

Director: Boris Tsessarsky
Producer: Boris Tsessarsky
Cinematographer: Aaron Pattap
Editor: Clarkson (Duke) Fisher III
Screenwriter: Boris Tsessarsky




A woman examines her life with lucid Intervals of existential consciousness occupying her thoughts more than she thinks.

Director: Paul Kelly
Producer: Celeste Balducci
Editor: Celeste Balducci
Judith Roberts


Dress Rehearsal


A struggling method actor takes his research too far.

Screenwriter: Michael Boston
Screenwriter: Michael Boston


Philip Carlson On Behalf of Talent


A passion for finding talent. Philip Carlson was a talent agent who signed and represented the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Claire Danes, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and Liev Schreiber. His roster of acting talent is long and his career spanned decades.

Director: Christopher Ming Ryan