Thursday, August 10, 12:00pm


Oleg’s Choice


Oleg's Choice is a rare immersion into the private lives and thoughts of Russian combatants who have chosen to fight on the separatists side in Ukraine. Since the summer of 2014, thousands of young Russians poured into the Donbass region. Driven by Russian propaganda, they believed they were fulfilling their patriotic duty.Among the first wave of volunteers were Oleg and Max. Oleg was appointed deputy commander of a battalion, while Max became a soldier. Their illusions were shattered on the night of June 3rd 2015, when a battle went horribly wrong. While Oleg and Max continue to fight on the ground, they must also fight creeping doubts that they have that they ended up on the wrong side of the war. The film follows their introspection over the long term; the confession they have gone adrift, the search for meaning, the shock at realizing they have been misled - that they themselves have made mistakes to the frantic rhythm of a war that crushes bodies and reason. It is the story of the human face of a lie that confuses those involved. In this war rewritten by propaganda, where two parallel realities confront each other, they try in their own different ways to find a raison d'être. This is a human story on the borders of good and evil, where men are confronted by their own choices.

Director: Elena Volochine, James Keogh
Cinematographer Elena Volochine






Emotional fight with a loved one makes a young girl flee - enraged and tearful, she buys a ticket for a first random commuter train, where she hopes to hide from bustle of people and come to her senses. At some point the heroine finds herself in a small village on a river shore, but it turns out that the gates are locked every night while the detour road is flooded - there is no way to leave. The girl meets a peculiar old man who confirms: 'You'll get to the station in the morning'. Lena has to sleep over at his house. Old man isn't simple, he sees right through heroine's soul. His worldview purifies Lena who takes the morning train and returns to the city being a new human.

Director: Ann Kuzminikh
Screenwriter: Ann Kuzminikh