No Limes

Ellen Haun

Interviewed by Isaac Vancuren for Chain NYC Film Festival

Was the line "No Limes", the origin of this whole story?

"No Limes" is actually a title we got to in the editing process. The original title of the film was "The City", which is the title of the feature that I've written based on this short. The feature is a dark comedy about the three sisters running around New York trying to cancel the wedding, but the short comes from the beginning of the feature, establishing the bond between them. We didn't feel the same title fit. Our director Matt was the one that suggested it. Other ideas we batted around were "Spoons" and "The Bachelorette Party," but "No Limes" is the one that stuck.

How many different board games did you think about using for the film?

Guess Who was the only board game we talked about! It was one of my favorites as a kid and it's so delightfully simple--it's bizarre that a character who loves Settlers of Catan would also love Guess Who. It's one of my favorite jokes in the short. 

Where any lines improvised? How many of the lines where the characters where drunk improvised?

Lauren Adams ("Amy) improvised different punchlines to the "Sister Wives" joke, but other than that, the dialogue is exactly true to the script. The biggest change that happened in editing was the creation of the montage. Originally the drinking sequence was linear, but our fantastic editor JD and director Matt cut it together to build tension and evoke the hazy feeling of drinking too much tequila.

Was this inspired by real life at all?

The film wasn't inspired by real events, but I have two younger sisters, and the film is a love letter to them. My sisters are my two best friends, and know me better than anyone—they've just been around the longest! I think that sister relationships are fascinating—full of love, envy, competition, support, and history. Sister relationships are few and far between in film, and I was thrilled to make this movie with such a dynamic group of women, all of whom have sisters.

 Do you have any memorable experiences from the shoot?

We were filming out my friend Rebecca's apartment, and she has a cute little gray cat named Sadie. We were always trying to scoot Sadie out of the way, but if you look closely, you'll find her in the background of one shot.