New York Stories

friday, August 12 | 6:15Pm

Arthur Avenue - The Little Italy in the Bronx

Arthur Avenue is an ethnic Italian neighborhood in the North Bronx of New York City. Steeped in tradition - third, fourth and even fifth generation business owners do things the same way as their ancestors who brought their old world traditions with them to America. This neighborhood has been through many changes, but when times have been tough these business owners, neighbors first, competitors second, have always found a way to survive and even thrive. 

DIRECTOR + executive producer:

John Aramian

I Art New York

New York is the hub for all things art.


Josh Venkataraman



Two characters have a chance encounter in NYC after one finds something that the other lost.


Gary Memi


Jonathan Hansen, Brett Gray, Kevin Rodriguez

NYChapters: Bryan 'Monkey' Northam

Stories in 5 boroughs.


Alexander Hankoff


Amelia, not knowing how to manage recent events in her life, receives a gift that helps her come to grips with reality. But she may have tapped into more than just her imagination

Raise and Remember:
A Father's Survival Story

In the thirteen years since September 11, 2001, Bill Spade has retired from the FDNY, raised two sons, and retold his remarkable story of survival to hundreds of tour groups. Bill and his youngest son share what 9/11 means to their family.

director + editor:

Katie Leary

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped

In the city we travel underground every day to get to work - and to get to so many other places. So many people pass each other, with barely an encounter. Sometimes our reserve is broken and we manage to connect with others. Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is the story of one such connection.

director + animation:

Thomas W. Campbell