Tuesday, August 8, 4:00pm



Before I Go


Starting a relationship is great. Ending them can be KILLER.


Director: Nick Garcia
Executive Producer: Nick Garcia, Michael Valentin
Cinematographer: Nick Garcia
Editor: Nick Garcia
Screenwriter: Nick Garcia




A young woman goes to extraordinary lengths to get even with her estranged sister.


Director: Lee Ann Hoover
Executive Producer: Lee Ann Hoover
Editor: Lee Ann Hoover
Screenwriter: Lee Ann Hoover




Dawn is breaking and the owls are stirring. A young woman has been murdered, but is this truly the end? This short film is based on an unfinished poem by Percy Shelley published in 1824.


Director: Tess Martin


Night In


During a quiet night in, a young woman knows she's not so alone.


Director: Christina Raia
Producer: Christina Raia
Cinematographer: Jeanette Sears
Composer: Alexandra Kalinowski
Screenwriter: Christina Raia
Cast: Dani Thomas


Rose’s Children


Grandma Rose's 4 grandchildren are at crossroads after their mothers murder and are left with no choice other then to join the family business.


Directors: Jamie Dolan & Josh Adwar
Writers: Jamie Dolan & Josh Adwar
Producer: Jamie Dolan
Executive Producer: Josh Adwar
Cinematographer: Alice Millar
Editor: Imran Vasnawala
Cast: Rutanya Alda, Josh Adwar, Jamie Dolan, Sydney Gayle, Roger H. Simon, Danielle Driscoll


Shutter Speed


Bailey, a mild-mannered but passionate photographer, who suddenly suspects his roommate, George, is using his camera to record murders. But as Bailey investigates, he discovers more than he could handle.


Director: Artie Vincent
Executive Producer: Artie Vincent
Cinematographer: Harrison Webster
Screenwriter: Artie Vincent
Cast: Nicholas Ferracamo, Jesus Pellot, Phaedra Lewis


Evil Woman


The night Brandon plans on proposing to his girlfriend of seven years, he finds out the dark and hilarious truth about her past.


Director: Danny Turkiewicz
Producer: Dylan Roast
Screenwriter: Danny Turkiewicz


Death Wish


An arrogant artist has an uncanny encounter with a ghost, trapped in a TV since the 80s, on the night he's building his magnum opus.


Director: Maya Korn, Benjamin K. Martin
Cinematographer: Benjamin K. Martin
Editor: Katrina Pastore, Sush Khadepaun
Composer: Alies Suiter
Screenwriter: Maya Korn
Cast: Andrew Maclarty, Julia DiVergilio, Rhiannon Lattimer, Stephanie Berger, Gabriel Don




The son of an investigative journalist stumbles upon his late father's last unsolved case - a 1960s murder that tore apart the gritty town of Passaic, NJ - and he needs to decide if he will dig back into the decades-old crime, to discover the truth behind the tragedy, in order to better understand his father and, ultimately, himself. Based on a true story.


Director: Douglas Underdahl
Screenwriter: Michael Klausner