Thursday, August 10, 8:00pm

Modern Dating


The Lonely Planet


Fresh off of graduation from MIT, a brilliant young man moves to New York City to pursue a career in computer engineering. When he arrives, however, he struggles to get past his crippling social anxiety which damages his chances in the tech industry and leaves him yearning for his small town home.

Director: Gilbert Le
Cinematographer: Gilbert Le
Editor: Gilbert Le
Composer: Kevin Simon
Screenwriter: Gilbert Le
Cast: Jennae Santos,Daniel Velasco,Teresa deWilde


Stand Clear


Two strangers start talking while stuck on the subway. Can their conversation change the course of their nights--and lives, forever?

Director: Jonathan Horowitz
Cinematographer: Ryan Martin
Editor: Jonathan Horowitz, Ryan Martin
Screenwriter: Jonathan Horowitz
Cast: Timothy French, Jessica Nesi, Sam Guinan-Nyhart, Ashley Grombol




A shy, insecure college student attempts to muster up the courage to talk to his crush.

Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor: J.A. Greenberg
Cinematography: Victor Dryer, Noah Livingston, Kullen Mussey
Original Score: Cole Boillat
Cast: Alex Dittmar, Kara Stenger


Getting It


Some people get it. Others - never will.

Director: Pete Macnamara
Editor: Pete Macnamara
Composer: Pete Macnamara
Screenwriter: Pete Macnamara
Cast: Pete Macnamara, Candace Bryant, Fred Dixon


Still Light


When Guy meets Lady, he invites her into a world that only he can see.

Director: Jeremiah Murphy
Cinematographer: Michael Mastroserio
Composer: Jeremiah Murphy
Screenwriter: Patrick Falcon, Madeleine Barker, Marlene Berner, Mariam Habib, A.J. Scarpaci


Bona Fide


Bona Fide is an intimate conversation about the commodity of modern love. As their relationship ends, Celeste and Gary savour one final night together, and part ways knowing better their own truths about love and commitment.

Director: Carla Olson
Executive Producer: Carla Olson
Cinematographer: Philip Lanyon
Editor: Carla Olson
Composer: Marc Wild
Screenwriter: Carla Olson
Screenwriter: Jessica Harmon, Michael Karl Richards


Hot Seat


A love triangle between a woman and two men.

Director: Natalia Curea