Monday, August 7, 8:15pm

Mix Tape: Time, Oddities & Love


Death Wish


An arrogant artist has an uncanny encounter with a ghost, trapped in a TV since the 80s, on the night he's building his magnum opus.


Director: Maya Korn, Benjamin K. Martin
Cinematographer: Benjamin K. Martin
Editor: Katrina Pastore, Sush Khadepaun
Composer: Alies Suiter
Screenwriter: Maya Korn
Cast: Andrew Maclarty, Julia DiVergilio, Rhiannon Lattimer, Stephanie Berger, Gabriel Don




A lonely man does battle with a relentless piece of music.


Director: Tara Price
Screenwriter: Tara Price


In Search of An Author


Characters of an unfinished book take life to seek for an author to write an ending to their saga.


Director: Alain Raymond


Bruce Loves You


A charismatic and handsome ghost is dating a young woman. But when he begins to compliment her roommate's “subtle” voice, his real intentions become clear.


Director: Darin Quan
Producer: Darin Quan, Stephanie Iscovitz
Screenwriter: Darin Quan
Cast: Chris Roberti, Stephanie Iscovitz, Sarah duRivage-Jacobs, Jeanne Mailloux
Assistant: James Morrison




What if our realities were just deals we made with ourselves? Whose life are we living when we are really awake?


Director: Russell Kohlmann
Executive Producer: Russell Kohlmann
Cinematographer: Daniel Guillaro
Screenwriter: Shara Ashley Zeiger
Cast: Shara Ashley Zeiger, Russell Kohlmann, Melissa L. Guzman, Jordan Gosnell, Ellen Mah, Melene Sosi, Anthony Fagan, Amy Connerly


South Street Seaport Love


Is there such thing as love at first sight?


Director: Richard Lampone
Editor: Richard Lampone
Screenwriter: Richard Lampone




In the future Guy meets the lady of his dreams, a momentary lapse in digestive self control forces the humiliated Guy to utilize society's latest technology in order to clear the air for a second chance at a first impression.


Director: Angelique Adelina
Cinematographer: Hiroshi Hara
Editor: Michael Belardi
Screenwriter: Joe Capozzi
Cast: Joe Capozzi, Shana Farr, Jeffrey Hardy, David Beck


Fine Dining


A Tale of Two Vampires


Director: Usher Morgan
Executive Producer: Usher Morgan
Cinematographer: Usher Morgan
Screenwriter: Usher Morgan
Cast: Joel Bernard, Elyse Price, Diana Avellino


Mic & Me


Cadence finds that dating a microphone is not without its costs.


Director: Jacob Shao
Cinematographer: Jordan Shelwood
Editor: Jacob Shao
Composer: Jacky Deng
Screenwriter: Jacob Shao
Cast: Samantha Nugent, Jesse James Keitel