Tuesday, August 8, 6:00pm



Sometimes, Forever


Sometimes, Forever' explores the relationship between two teen girls who are both best friends & sexually attracted to one another. Heather's open with her sexuality and her feelings for Aubrey, but Aubrey's on the fence which leads her to experiment in order to make sense of her blurry sexuality.


Director: Ashley George
Cinematographer: Tine Dilucia
Editor: Ashley George, Carrie Martin
Screenwriter: Ashley George
Cast: Indiana Tali, Alyssa Kempinski, Justin Nieto, Jonathan Iglesias




A young man discovers the right of passage comes with a price.


Director: Desmond Goldson
Cast: Reese Mister




After her engagement collapses, Mags’ mourning is interrupted by her little sister, recently out and seeking Mags’ support at a pride rally. With every day a reminder of her own failed relationship, Mags must decide what it means to support the people she loves.


Director: Sydney O'Haire
Producer: Sydney O'Haire, Sarahi Salazar
Cinematographer: Eric Liberacki
Editor: Magdalena Hernandez
Screenwriter: Abigail Accettura
Cast: Mélisa Breiner-Sanders, Elsa Guenther


Bound: The Series


Focusing on a Narcotics Enforcement Agency that works to target drug dealers to reduce street level drug activity, Bound follows Jacob Phillips, an on out gay agent, as he tries to find a balance in his feelings of allegiance to his job, a codependent friendship and a new man. In a place where the "good guys" get to identify how someone defines themselves, Jacob tries to find out if it is even possible to be a hero.


Director: Colin J Murphy
Producer: Colin J Murphy, Ruby Frankel
Cinematographer: Peter Pascucci, Josh Herzog
Screenwriter: Colin J Murphy, Alex Hughes
Cast: Jack Ball, Goldie Flavelle, Alex Hughes, Julia Schlaepfer, Roberto Morean, Adam Rodriguez, Kari Seward, Jennifer Parkhill, Heather Oakley


Lost Angels


An edgy, drag queen, who is the patriarch of his band of misfits, is murdered in a hate crime. Death is such a drag.


Director: Jesse C. Boyd
Screenwriter: Jesse C. Boyd
Cast: Jesse C. Boyd, Abbie de Vera, Billy Francesca, Evan Gamble, Yaz Canli, Josh Miller, Yaz Canli, Katie Amess