Jack & Diane

Jennifer Pepperman

What is the biggest challenge of such a dialogue dependent script?

I think there has to be a lot going between the characters besides just the dialogue.  And also there has to be an intimacy in the shots, and a rhythm in the editing, so it doesn't feel static.

Did these actors know each other before the shoot? Or were they able to create that chemistry on demand?

Austin and Terri worked together on As the World Turns, and they are married! But, trust me, their chemistry was there long before they were a couple!

What is your favorite advantage of having powerful actors in your films?

Austin and Terri had a real feeling for the script, and when we were pressed for time, I knew they would both nail it, and they did!!!

Do you get swept away when witnessing such a powerful performance being given by an actor? Or what do you do to maintain your professional focus at all times?

Terri really broke my heart, she is such a talent, and really can do anything as an actress.  On one take, I think she had the whole crew tearing up.  And Austin brought a humanity, and depth to this character that really wasn't on the page.  

The dialogue felt very intimate, do you draw from only the imagination or are you always drawing on personal experiences?

I believe that people write what they know, that's why I write about love, loss, heart-break, and guys who are jerks!!!