Thursday, August 10, 5:30pm

Interview with Director, Yuki Ogura


The film really presents the allure of collection, specifically collecting stamps.How did you as filmmakers become turned-on to the idea of stamps?

I met the stamp shop for the first time while I was walking around in Utrecht. Actually those stamps were not interesting to me, but the owner of the shop was.


How do you feel, after this filmmaking experience, stamps reflect society as a whole? Meaning: do you think stamps reflect a particular time/enviroment/societal feel that is only articulated through stamps and isn't present in other art such as painting or photographs?

On the course of our shooting, the owner taught me a lot about stamps. I had never imagined that stamps could be used for  propaganda. I don't think stamp is more powerful than paintings or photographs as a tool to manipulate what people think, but stamp is a daily commodity that we're likely to accept without special attention, so it's meaningful for sure to take a time to carefully see stamps in your drawer.


What would you like the viewer/audience to take away from stamp collection and trade?

This film displays some interesting stamps that many people have never seen, but what I really want to show is this owner. Touching his passion for stamps was a great experience for me, a really intensive life lesson. I'd be so happy if you get encouraged to do what you want by watching the film.