Growing Older

tuesday, August 9 | 1:45pm

My Invisible Mother

Adult adoptee William Hammersley uncovers the social mechanics that forced his mother to put him up for adoption.

DIRECTOR + Cinematographer:

Pascal Huynh

Sara and Mimi

Mimi, a former actress who has always been a full-of-energy-independent kind of woman, now struggles to fight the most invincible enemy: time. Her daughter Sarah is the only witness of this very intimate war and the main responsible to keep them both alive. But an idea from Bernardo, the absent (and favorite) son, is about to break this fragile balance and change their lives forever.


Patricia Corso


Carla Barros

You See Me

Filmmaker Linda Brown's father embodied 1960s masculinity. But when a devastating stroke leaves him vulnerable and dependent, Linda decides to confront the silence surrounding his troubled and violent past. Drawing on home movies, family photos and interviews, she reveals secrets, uncovers lies, and discovers a redeeming treasure in a lost family video. The result is an engrossing journey about the danger of carrying unresolved grief to our graves. You See Me is a brave, inspiring and empowering film that documents the essence of the human condition and seeks to face the past with courage in order to change the future.

DIRECTOR + executive producer + CINEMATOGRAPHER + screenwriter: 

Linda J. Brown


Nels Bangerter


Alexis Sam