Wednesday, August 9, 12:00pm

Foreign Films




A post-apocalyptic drama that immerses us in the worst consequences of ourselves.


Director: David Bienes
Executive Producer: David Bienes
Cinematographer: Iván Briones




Laughter: Movement of the mouth and other parts of the face, that express happiness. What if someone doesn’t know how to do it?


Director: Sara Gracia Jiménez
Producer: Sara Gracia Jiménez, Aniez Atlas
Cinematographer: Alberto Carboni
Editor: Franck Espartero
Composer: Nicolai Heidlas
Screenwriter: Sara Gracia Jiménez
Cast: Gloria Giménez, Liv Merlo, Sara Gracia


Land of Light


At the feet of the world's largest Buddha statues, now destroyed by the Taliban, Bamyan enjoys great security, enshrines education and pursues social progressiveness. Visit the Land of Light to learn how this sanctuary continues to stand in the mist of the Afghan war zone.


Director: Rafi Behroozian




A stubborn old man endures his wife's persistent nagging while struggling to find a dish, Huo Fang, a taste from his distant youth, however a bite of it puts to rest their life-long quarrels.

Director: Jeffrey Chu
Producer: Jeffrey Chu
Editor: Jeffrey Chu


Hunter’s Fall


When a bully is confronted, how does he react?


Director: Peter J McCarthy
Cinematographer: Cathal Watters
Editor: Peter J McCarthy
Composer: Neil Horner
Screenwriter: Peter J McCarthy, Ben Conway, Kevin McCarthy
Cast: Ben Condron, Sam Smith, Patrick Gibson, Patrick Gibson, Clara Harte, Ryan McParland




Hiroto, a heartbroken ex-businessman, begins pretending to be a cute girl and scamming different kinds of men for money on a dating website. One day, he accidentally meets a guy named Wang, a kind but lonely international student from China who falls hard for Hiroto's act as the girl and Hiroto feels unease in his heart by talking with Wang.

Director: Jii Zhang
Cinematographer: Jii Zhang
Editor: Jii Zhang
Screenwriter: Jii Zhang