THursday, August 11 | 6:00pm

Fishbowl is a coming-of-age drama, following "Guy" through roughly six years of his 20s. Shot sporadically over thirteen months, this is the manifestation of Scott Price's pursuit to tell his truest story. Fishbowl could not be more independent - empowered with today's affordable technologies, enabled by crowd-funding, and brought to fruition on the sweat equity of a passionate few. Scott took to the task of building this feature one obstacle at a time, driven by the words of Ed Burns - "If you want to make a film, you simply have to find a way to make it."


Writer + Director:

Scott Price


Scott Price, Egle Petraityte, Ilana Becker, Ryan Homchick, Kathy Searle, Geoffrey Cantor, Michele Ammon, Troy Hall


Joe Pug, Emanuel and The Fear, Your 33 Black Angels


Scott Price, JJ Huckin


JJ Huckin, Jenna Pace, Daniele Napolitano


The Sound Distillery NYC