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Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Your film’s subject matter explores domestic violence with a thriller element; can you tell us about what inspired you to make this film?

My intention was to gradually pull the audience in using intense dramatic interaction and then hit them with an explosive twist. I wanted to explore a subject that is steeped in sensitivity and put in onto the big screen , and then hit the audience with a sledgehammer. If they talked about the film after they left the cinema then I’m happy. 

There is a slow burn quality to the film that is intriguing. Can you tell us about your filmmaker influences?

Jack Clayton ( 12 Angry Men), Roald Dahl, Sergio Leone and Ron Howard have all been inspirations. 

Can you tell us about the journey to getting your film made?

Locations were very important for the mood of the film and sourcing these took many months ; the film couldn’t have been believable if I hadn’t cast my main lead character correctly. His performance was vital in bringing Gene to life.  Directing and acting in the same film was also an exhausting but fulfilling challenge.

Tell us about what inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I find counselling and therapy both intriguing and fascinating and the fact that the therapist has to have a high level of discipline and self-control to be effective. I found myself wanting to explore a complex character who was himself a war veteran who had killed in the line of duty ,and was now having to immerse himself back into a relatively normal way of life. Effectively Gene was able to fulfil his need to kill and alleviate his clients problems at the same. I then started upon a storyline that would allow Gene to blend into society and commit his crimes undetected. I then wrote the script around the story.

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