Dark Relationships

Sunday, August 11, 2019

6:30 PM 8:00 PM

Ángel, this subject matter feels very personal exploring friendship, loss and violence. Can you tell us what inspired your film?

I had spent time with the idea of working with violence, especially the closet one, the one that occurs in the family, in couples, which can be used to confuse it with love. Luckily I have always avoided this type of relationship and since I was very young I have tried to fight because everyone knows that I can seek help to overcome it. 

As a European filmmaker from Spain, can you tell our American audience your experience making independent film in Europe?

Making independent films is complicated everywhere. Luckily, it is becoming easier to access cheap professional media. At the beginning the most important thing is to focus on having a good story, simple and that requires the least professionals and possible means. Once you get this, surround yourself with your people, make a good team and get your stories to motivate the cast your script needs. The rest comes along the way.

After studying philosophy and engineering, at what point did you want to transition into film?

I've always wanted to make movies. I write from a very young age but it was after working a few years in television when I finally decided to start my own way, which I knew was difficult but I could count on some experience and colleagues to start it.

Who are the film directors you are most influenced by? 

It may sound like an easy response in this world full of filmmakers with disparate influences and unknown to the common public but my biggest promoters are Kubrick and Tarantino, although if I had to choose movies in my top would be American Beauty by Sam Mendes or the way to create and make real and credible nonsense of stories like ET or Jaws by Steven Spielberg.

Your film pushes us to the boundaries in your ending, what would you most like to see the audience take away from your film?

What I try in almost every movie is that it is the spectators who can create their alternative ending, their own conclusion about the characters, their motivations or their morals. That they can think even a few minutes about what they have just seen, that they can relate it to their life experiences, feel identified with one of the characters or their actions.

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