tuesday, August 9 | 3:30pm

Better Tomorrows

A motion graphics animation that explores the issue of climate change.


Breana Mallamaci


Breana Mallamaci


Chad Crouch


Breana Mallamaci

FROM FLINT - Voices of a Poisoned City

From Flint: Voices From A Poisoned City is a documentary that tells the story of the Flint Water Crisis from the perspectives of those who have experienced this tragedy first hand and from activists on the ground working through grass-root organizations to make a difference. While the national news media has been covering this event through the governmental point of view, From Flint takes you inside the city to uncover this incident first hand. The documentary focuses on themes of power, race, class, community, science, and activism to help bring to light some of the issues that are involved in this ongoing crisis.


Lauren Selewski

gaffer + assistant editor:

Jenna Ange


Elise Conklin


Izak Gracy


Liv Larsen

Leaving the Carbon Economy

The story of a lady and her house: how to make life more sustainable and pleasant. She tells her story, her vision, her choices, and her efforts to use only photovoltaics and geothermal so her house takes only energy from her roof and her garden. Extra energy is sold to the grid.


Susan Farist Butler

Oil and Vinegar

An artist enlists a panhandler, a powerful businessman, and his former piano teacher to keep a lifelong promise to his grandfather.

DIRECTOR + screenwriter: 

Brad Binning


Eric Branco


Joseph Gutowski


Mark Rosenthal, Laura Esterman, Kenneth Tigar, Gordon Joseph Weiss, Charlotte Booker, Mahira Kakkar, Blanca Avalos