Friday, August 11, 12:00pm

Doc Block


Blackwater Drifters


Nick Caiazza and Joe Zimmermann kayak the longest waterway in North America, the Missouri-Mississippi River System. Both from Denver, they begin their transformational journey in Brower's Spring, Mont., an odyssey that will take them some 3,800 miles through 14 states to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Traveling completely human powered, they encounter the elements in their purest form, from 6 foot swells, freezing rain, 60+ mph winds, and attempts to portage around 18 of the dams that block the route. Their story is about man's relationship to Earth, but also America's relationship to its natural resources. Witness firsthand the journey of the Blackwater Drifters.

Director: Nick Caiazza
Editor: Spencer Barringer, Thomas Wingerd
Original Score: Neil Kirkpatrick


Quyllur Rit’i: Andean Celebration of the New Year


A film that captures the mesmerising procession of Quyllur Rit'i, aka Peru's Star Snow Festival, held at the beginning of the winter solstice and marking the start of a new year in the Andes.The festival sees ten of thousands of people take a pilgrimage up the mountain Qulqipunku in Andean Sinakara Valley, where they perform traditional dances wearing everything from feathered headdresses to woolen masks.

Director: Jorge Luis Baca