Friday, August 11, 12:00pm

Doc Block


Blackwater Drifters


Nick Caiazza and Joe Zimmermann kayak the longest waterway in North America, the Missouri-Mississippi River System. Both from Denver, they begin their transformational journey in Brower's Spring, Mont., an odyssey that will take them some 3,800 miles through 14 states to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Traveling completely human powered, they encounter the elements in their purest form, from 6 foot swells, freezing rain, 60+ mph winds, and attempts to portage around 18 of the dams that block the route. Their story is about man's relationship to Earth, but also America's relationship to its natural resources. Witness firsthand the journey of the Blackwater Drifters.

Director: Nick Caiazza
Editor: Spencer Barringer, Thomas Wingerd
Original Score: Neil Kirkpatrick


Quyllur Rit’i: Andean Celebration of the New Year


A film that captures the mesmerising procession of Quyllur Rit'i, aka Peru's Star Snow Festival, held at the beginning of the winter solstice and marking the start of a new year in the Andes.The festival sees ten of thousands of people take a pilgrimage up the mountain Qulqipunku in Andean Sinakara Valley, where they perform traditional dances wearing everything from feathered headdresses to woolen masks.

Director: Jorge Luis Baca


Friday, August 11, 2:15pm


My Brother’s Voice


Anna, a 5-year-old girl, and her little sister, Sharon, never met their older brother until a dozen of old videotapes are retrieved from the bottom of a wardrobe.

Director: Andrea Bersani
Cinematographer: Andrea Bersani
Editor: Andrea Bersani
Screenwriter: Andrea Bersani




Let it flow.

Director: Roberto Cano
Executive Producer: Carmen Escalante
Screenwriter: Roberto Cano, Carmen Escalante


Friday, August 11, 4:30pm




John and Alice are in love. In love with the idea of John and Alice.

Director: Justin John Doherty
Executive Producer: Steve Clarke, Christopher Morris, Kingsley Marshall
Editor: Steven Worsley
Screenwriter: Neil Fox
Cast: Katharine Davenport, James Barnes, Sebastian Badarau, Bean Downes


Friday, August 11, 6:30pm

Comedy Shorts


Workplace Woes: Scavengers Among Us


A neurotic accountant will stop at nothing to catch the culprit eating her lunch.

Director: Michael Pizzano
Cinematographer: Matthew Pizzano
Editor: Michael Pizzano
Screenwriter: Michael Pizzano
Cast: Alex Covington, Dave Chura, Justin Andrew Davis, Sean Pritchard, Sean Pritchard, Brandon Salerno, Star Marsh, Kyrie Vickers, Montgomery Mauro


The Condo


A comedy about best friends and roommates, Steven and Rahul, who open their condo into an underground casino in order to raise money to pay off a debt owed to the Chinese gambling syndicate.

Director: David Zhou
Executive Producer: David Zhou
Cinematographer: Yash Khanna
Cast: Mike Lew, Vinny Ali


White Guilt


Louis is racked with guilt after an innocuous and misconstrued joke is made by his best friend, Patrice. Worried that Patrice might think he is racist, Louis attempts to heal hundreds of years of inequality in a single night. Patrice just wants some sleep.

Director: Ben Edmunds
Cinematographer: Matthew Smith
Screenwriter: Tom Dale
Cast: Tom Dale, Richard Odufisan, Katie Allanson


Christmas Break


Neighbours, kitten and cake, ingredients of a cocktail in the hands of the Devil.

Director: Ifeelms .
Executive Producer: Ifeelms .
Screenwriter: Ifeelms ., Irene Caparros


The Selfie That Changed The World


Beauty is in the eye of the selfie model. But if you want likes, you better show some skin.

Director: Greg McDonald
Executive Producer: Greg McDonald
Cinematographer: Roberto Correa
Editor: Greg McDonald
Greg McDonald


Clown Under the Bed


Turns out juggling social status and friendship isn't so fun when a clown lives under the bed.

Director: Nathan Colby
Cinematographer: Nathan Colby
Editor: Nathan Colby
Screenwriter: Devin McCord, Adam Narimatsu
Cast: Devin McCord, Adam Narimatsu, Nathan Colby, Harry Slattery, Martha Robichaud, Morgan Allen, Justin Neely, Anna Koehne, Adam Schoen


Another Girl


Sam's ex-lovers aren't so 'ex' to him. In fact, they always seem to re-appear at the worst possible moment, sabotaging his hopes of finding new love. Can Sam banish them from his life before they ruin his chances with the newfound girl of his dreams?Swaying delicately between dry wit and wistful vulnerability, 'Another Girl' playfully explores the way our relationships shape who we are, and offers a fresh perspective on sex, love, and self-acceptance.

Director: Austin Kase
Executive Producer: Becky Morrison
Cinematographer: Ryan de Franco
Editor: Austin Kase
Composer: Jordan Plotner
Screenwriter: Austin Kase
Cast: Aaron Profumo, Samantha Strelitz, Hannah Chase, Nelly Savinon, Angelika Winkler, Marlene Ginander, Danielle Vettraino, Mallory Rhodes, Isra Elsalihie, Will Pinke, Michael Stevens, Arturo Alanis, John Michael Rivera, Mark Zangrilli




LatchKey is a semi-improvised original series featuring improvisers from UCB, The PIT and Magnet theaters. When the Delaney kids' father passes away they want to move on with their lives and sell the apartment they grew up in. However, their childhood friends and neighbors, The Clems, (who still live together in the apartment they grew up in) aren't going to make that easy. As time passes the Delaneys realize that family may be more important than they thought and the Clems may just figure out that living with your siblings in to your 30s is creepy.

Director: Chris Roberti
Executive Producer: Sean Reidy, Andrea Kornstein
Cinematographer: Chris Manley, Eric Pearson
Editor: Sean Reidy
Composer: Aled Roberts
Cast: Sean Reidy, Andrea Kornstein, Karin Hammerberg, Kaitlin Fontana, Jonathan Desley, Adam Luke, Danielia Donohue, Paul Gutkowski, Sarah Peele, Beth White


friday, august 11, 8:30pm


This Is Desmondo Ray!


2014 Winner for Special Original Ideas Award returns with a full series.

The world is closing in on Desmondo Ray. After the disappointment of no one responding to his much-talked about video dating tape, he finds himself living alone in a rundown apartment complex on the outskirts of Forgotten Falls, a small town at the end of the world. When a film crew starts documenting Desmondo, they attempt to pry painful secrets about how his house mysteriously burned down, and the condition of his widowed father who suffered horrible burns in the fire. The more they push, the more Desmondo descends into his own fantasy world where nothing can harm him. However, when a self assured young woman asks Desmondo out, his universe is turned upside down and he must suddenly traverse the many obstacles of dating. In the aftermath of his big date, Desmondo learns that love can be hiding in the most unexpected of places, and that his heart must always follow the stars, even in a dark and troubling world.

This is the story about a peculiar man... This is Desmondo Ray!

Writer/Director: Steve Baker
Producer: Leanne Tonkes
Director of Photography: Jason Hargreaves, ACS
Music: Megan Carnes




A young girl runs away from home in the dead of winter with her recently deceased mother's ashes in the hopes of having her remains dumped on the beach, only to be caught by her estranged older brother who tries to talk her out of it.

Director: Patrick John Ford
Producer: Morgan Ackley
Screenwriter: Patrick John Ford
Cast: David Rysdahl, Sophie Koski


Night In


During a quiet night in, a young woman knows she's not so alone.

Director: Christina Raia
Producer: Christina Raia
Cinematographer: Jeanette Sears
Composer: Alexandra Kalinowski
Screenwriter: Christina Raia
Cast: Dani Thomas




Dawn is breaking and the owls are stirring. A young woman has been murdered, but is this truly the end? This short film is based on an unfinished poem by Percy Shelley published in 1824.

Director: Tess Martin


Where There's Smoke


After a tragic accident, a firefighter must convince the city commissioner he's able to return to the line of duty.

Director: Evan Ari Kelman
Executive Producer: Parker Hill, Rose Ganguzza
Editor: Henry Hayes
Composer: James Newberry
Cast: Tom Lipinski, Robert Cervini, Terrance McFadden Jr., Gregory James Cohan, Edward Heegan, Sawandi Wilson, Michael Basile, Joe Ryan, Colin Murray, Steve Cavanaugh, Kevin Ralston


Talk Radio


Lou spent so many years listening to talk radio that he was left wondering whether there was actually any reason to live.

Director: Jay Kanzler
Executive Producer: Jay Kanzler
Cinematographer: Chris Benson
Editor: Patrick Lawrence
Composer: James Desautels
Screenwriter: Jay Kanzler
Cast: Howard Rance, McGraw Milhaven