Thursday, August 10, 12:00pm


Oleg’s Choice


Oleg's Choice is a rare immersion into the private lives and thoughts of Russian combatants who have chosen to fight on the separatists side in Ukraine. Since the summer of 2014, thousands of young Russians poured into the Donbass region. Driven by Russian propaganda, they believed they were fulfilling their patriotic duty.Among the first wave of volunteers were Oleg and Max. Oleg was appointed deputy commander of a battalion, while Max became a soldier. Their illusions were shattered on the night of June 3rd 2015, when a battle went horribly wrong. While Oleg and Max continue to fight on the ground, they must also fight creeping doubts that they have that they ended up on the wrong side of the war. The film follows their introspection over the long term; the confession they have gone adrift, the search for meaning, the shock at realizing they have been misled - that they themselves have made mistakes to the frantic rhythm of a war that crushes bodies and reason. It is the story of the human face of a lie that confuses those involved. In this war rewritten by propaganda, where two parallel realities confront each other, they try in their own different ways to find a raison d'être. This is a human story on the borders of good and evil, where men are confronted by their own choices.

Director: Elena Volochine, James Keogh
Cinematographer Elena Volochine






Emotional fight with a loved one makes a young girl flee - enraged and tearful, she buys a ticket for a first random commuter train, where she hopes to hide from bustle of people and come to her senses. At some point the heroine finds herself in a small village on a river shore, but it turns out that the gates are locked every night while the detour road is flooded - there is no way to leave. The girl meets a peculiar old man who confirms: 'You'll get to the station in the morning'. Lena has to sleep over at his house. Old man isn't simple, he sees right through heroine's soul. His worldview purifies Lena who takes the morning train and returns to the city being a new human.

Director: Ann Kuzminikh
Screenwriter: Ann Kuzminikh


Thursday, August 10, 3:30pm

Growing Older


Lost In Brooklyn


A story about love, sacrifice, and Alzheimer's disease.

Director: Tim Wood


The Opera Singer


A woman is haunted by unfulfilled dreams.

Director: Steve Kahn
Cinematographer: Steve Kahn
Editor: Steve Kahn
Screenwriter: Steve Kahn
Cast: Rena DuShey




A difficult week finds a disconnected, wealthy, businessman searching for meaning in his life, only to find it revealed in a letter from his dead father.

Director: Christian Mushenko
Executive Producer: Bob Giraldi
Cinematographer: Campbell Brown
Editor: Alison Mao
Composer: Dylan Glatthorn
Screenwriter: Marque Kabbaz




A stubborn old man endures his wife's persistent nagging while struggling to find a dish, Huo Fang, a taste from his distant youth, however a bite of it puts to rest their life-long quarrels.

Director: Jeffrey Chu
Producer: Jeffrey Chu
Editor: Jeffrey Chu




Central Park West has a problem with roving appliances.

Director: Tom/Keith Grady/Oncale, Keith Oncale, Tom Grady
Executive Producer: Keith Oncale, Tom Grady
Cinematographer: Adrian Peng Correia
Editor: Bradley Campbell
Composer: Keith Oncale
Steve Kahn: Tom Grady
Cast: Margaret Avery, Ezra Knight




A woman examines her life with lucid Intervals of existential consciousness occupying her thoughts more than she thinks.

Director: Paul Kelly
Producer: Celeste Balducci
Editor: Celeste Balducci
Cast: Judith Roberts


Christmas Break


Neighbours, kitten and cake, ingredients of a cocktail in the hands of the Devil.

Director: Ifeelms .
Executive Producer: Ifeelms .
Screenwriter: Ifeelms ., Irene Caparros




Retired puppeteer breathes life into more than just his puppets.

Director: Rossella Laeng


Thursday, August 10, 5:30pm

Religion & Politics


Talk Radio


Lou spent so many years listening to talk radio that he was left wondering whether there was actually any reason to live.

Director: Jay Kanzler
Executive Producer: Jay Kanzler
Cinematographer: Chris Benson
Editor: Patrick Lawrence
Composer: James Desautels
Screenwriter: Jay Kanzler
Cast: Howard Rance, McGraw Milhaven




A portrait of a guy who is following his passion, collecting stamps.

Director: Yuki Ogura
Cinematographer: Yuki Ogura
Editor: Yuki Ogura


Goodnight Moon


Musician Jeremy Bacon is devastated when he receives a letter informing him that his wife will not be permitted to return home due to travel restrictions affecting her country of birth. He attempts to lose himself in music in order to cope, turning his piano into a shrine to her, but he is ultimately moved by his despair to visit the U.S. Custom House, performing a symbolic act of protest against inhumane immigration policies. There, he encounters looming classical sculptures depicting mankind's historical diaspora from Africa, Asia, Europe and finally the Americas.

Producer: Victorious De Costa
Executive Producer: Jeremy Bacon, Victorious De Costa
Composer: Jeremy Bacon
Cast: Jeremy Bacon




A fixer, political or otherwise, finally lets his son in on what he does for a living... and maybe even brings him along for the ride.

Director: Zach Halfter
Executive Producer: Zach Halfter
Cinematographer: Zach Halfter
Editor: Zach Halfter
Screenwriter: Stephen Pavlics
Cast: David Stephens, Oise Ohiwerei, Timothy Cox




Spoken-word poet Henry Gonzalez discusses gentrification and his South Bronx childhood.

Director: Isabel Vazquez
Executive Producer: Isabel Vazquez
Cinematographer: Isabel Vazquez
Editor: Isabel Vazquez




This short film is our attempt at explaining the world's most controversial and violently burning issue - RELIGION

Director: Santosh Davakhar
Executive Producer: Swati Bhat
Cinematographer: Vishal Sangwai
Editor: Ashish Mhatre, Apurva Sahai
Composer: Rajat Dholakia
Screenwriter: Santosh Davakhar


Los Mormones


A day in the life of Mormon missionaries in the South Bronx, who struggle to convert Hispanic immigrants.

Director: Benjamin Bergmann




Let it flow.

Director: Roberto Cano
Executive Producer: Carmen Escalante
Screenwriter: Roberto Cano, Carmen Escalante


Now or Later


Now or Later is a tale of a Shabbos Goy. Elise, a young Hasidic woman and Mike, a young black man start an unlikely relationship, after one day Elise's mom Ruth, drags him into her home to help with forbidden tasks on Shabbat.

Director: Mara Kassin
Cinematographer: Ron Egozi
Editor: Ashley Roby
Screenwriter: Mara Kassin
Cast: Mara Kassin, Matthew Murumba, Elena McGhee


Blind Faith


Imagine meeting Jesus. What would you say to him? Would you recognize him? That’s the conundrum facing a man like Henry Mickels. On a road trip towards upstate New York Henry comes to meet a stranger claiming to be Jesus Christ. What began as a lonely trip has now become a quest that will test Henry’s faith. In this humorous short film we find out just what it takes to turn a skeptic into a believer.

Director: Taishon S Black
Producer: Miles Adgate
Screenwriter: Taishon S Black
Cast: Nathaniel Ryan, Denis Ooi, Joe Rose, Zuri Poinsette, Stephanie Black


And The Earth Will Be Lost to the Flames


The end is nigh. But until then, there’s work to do.

Director: Adam Bertocci
Producer: Adam Bertocci
Screenwriter: Adam Bertocci
Cast: Lindsey Carter


Thursday, August 10, 8:00pm

Modern Dating


The Lonely Planet


Fresh off of graduation from MIT, a brilliant young man moves to New York City to pursue a career in computer engineering. When he arrives, however, he struggles to get past his crippling social anxiety which damages his chances in the tech industry and leaves him yearning for his small town home.

Director: Gilbert Le
Cinematographer: Gilbert Le
Editor: Gilbert Le
Composer: Kevin Simon
Screenwriter: Gilbert Le
Cast: Jennae Santos,Daniel Velasco,Teresa deWilde


Stand Clear


Two strangers start talking while stuck on the subway. Can their conversation change the course of their nights--and lives, forever?

Director: Jonathan Horowitz
Cinematographer: Ryan Martin
Editor: Jonathan Horowitz, Ryan Martin
Screenwriter: Jonathan Horowitz
Cast: Timothy French, Jessica Nesi, Sam Guinan-Nyhart, Ashley Grombol




A shy, insecure college student attempts to muster up the courage to talk to his crush.

Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor: J.A. Greenberg
Cinematography: Victor Dryer, Noah Livingston, Kullen Mussey
Original Score: Cole Boillat
Cast: Alex Dittmar, Kara Stenger


Getting It


Some people get it. Others - never will.

Director: Pete Macnamara
Editor: Pete Macnamara
Composer: Pete Macnamara
Screenwriter: Pete Macnamara
Cast: Pete Macnamara, Candace Bryant, Fred Dixon


Still Light


When Guy meets Lady, he invites her into a world that only he can see.

Director: Jeremiah Murphy
Cinematographer: Michael Mastroserio
Composer: Jeremiah Murphy
Screenwriter: Patrick Falcon, Madeleine Barker, Marlene Berner, Mariam Habib, A.J. Scarpaci


Bona Fide


Bona Fide is an intimate conversation about the commodity of modern love. As their relationship ends, Celeste and Gary savour one final night together, and part ways knowing better their own truths about love and commitment.

Director: Carla Olson
Executive Producer: Carla Olson
Cinematographer: Philip Lanyon
Editor: Carla Olson
Composer: Marc Wild
Screenwriter: Carla Olson
Screenwriter: Jessica Harmon, Michael Karl Richards


Hot Seat


A love triangle between a woman and two men.

Director: Natalia Curea