Wednesday, August 9, 12:00pm

Foreign Films




A post-apocalyptic drama that immerses us in the worst consequences of ourselves.


Director: David Bienes
Executive Producer: David Bienes
Cinematographer: Iván Briones




Laughter: Movement of the mouth and other parts of the face, that express happiness. What if someone doesn’t know how to do it?


Director: Sara Gracia Jiménez
Producer: Sara Gracia Jiménez, Aniez Atlas
Cinematographer: Alberto Carboni
Editor: Franck Espartero
Composer: Nicolai Heidlas
Screenwriter: Sara Gracia Jiménez
Cast: Gloria Giménez, Liv Merlo, Sara Gracia


Land of Light


At the feet of the world's largest Buddha statues, now destroyed by the Taliban, Bamyan enjoys great security, enshrines education and pursues social progressiveness. Visit the Land of Light to learn how this sanctuary continues to stand in the mist of the Afghan war zone.


Director: Rafi Behroozian




A stubborn old man endures his wife's persistent nagging while struggling to find a dish, Huo Fang, a taste from his distant youth, however a bite of it puts to rest their life-long quarrels.

Director: Jeffrey Chu
Producer: Jeffrey Chu
Editor: Jeffrey Chu


Hunter’s Fall


When a bully is confronted, how does he react?


Director: Peter J McCarthy
Cinematographer: Cathal Watters
Editor: Peter J McCarthy
Composer: Neil Horner
Screenwriter: Peter J McCarthy, Ben Conway, Kevin McCarthy
Cast: Ben Condron, Sam Smith, Patrick Gibson, Patrick Gibson, Clara Harte, Ryan McParland




Hiroto, a heartbroken ex-businessman, begins pretending to be a cute girl and scamming different kinds of men for money on a dating website. One day, he accidentally meets a guy named Wang, a kind but lonely international student from China who falls hard for Hiroto's act as the girl and Hiroto feels unease in his heart by talking with Wang.

Director: Jii Zhang
Cinematographer: Jii Zhang
Editor: Jii Zhang
Screenwriter: Jii Zhang


Wednesday, August 9, 1:45pm

Music Docs


Behind A Good Song


Embracing classic values, homegrown record label Signature Sounds forges a sustainable way forward for music in the internet age.

Director: Oskar Peacock, Nemo Allen
Producer: Oskar Peacock, Nemo Allen
Editor: Oskar Peacock, Nemo Allen


Unstoppable Irving Fields


Legendary musician Irving Fields decides to resurge his career - at age 99!

Director: Martin Feinberg


Wednesday, August 9, 4:00pm

Communication Breakdown


Language Is Dead


When words fail to describe his feelings a man seeks the aid of a therapist; the two then embark on a journey exploring human connectivity and its limitations.

Director: Jermaine Manigault
Producer: Jermaine Manigault, John J Callejas
Screenwriter: Jermaine Manigault
Cast: James Physick, Kim Krizan, Kacie Marie, Erika Citrin




Daydreams of dancers flood the thoughts of a woman fighting her feelings of unrequited love.

Director: Josiah Cuneo
Producer: Josiah Cuneo
Screenwriter: Josiah Cuneo
Cast: Malin Barr, Ben van Berkum


To Whom It May Concern


At a chic Manhattan gallery opening, a young woman is startled to discover she bears an alarming resemblance to the subject of the photographs on display. Over the course of a single evening, she explores both the city and herself in search of the truth behind the mysterious picture she can't remember taking.

Director: Blake Rice
Producer: Blake Rice, Stephanie Iscovitz, Gabriella Piazza
Screenwriter: Blake Rice
Cast: Gabriella Piazza, Noelle Lake, Logan Sutherland, Kajauna Marie, John Whitney, Colin Li, Jacob Berger, Hunter Hoffman, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Justin Kruger, Cezar Constantine, Stephanie L Iscovitz


Talk To Me


A comedy/drama about a burned out psychotherapist who decides she doesn't want to be around crazy people anymore. In her quest for a new career, she discovers that the bosses who interview her are crazier than her patients. And she rediscovers her true calling in life.

Director: Mark Stolzenberg
Executive Producer: Mark Schulman
Cinematographer: Eric Alexander
Editor: Adam Hada, Eric Alexander
Screenwriter: Mark Stolzenberg
Cast: Judy Copeland, Helen Mandlin, Rachel Rivera, Mark Stolzenberg, Vinit Dubay, Patrick Heraghty, Marion Covit, Marina Bekker


Speck of Dust


A dark drama about a priest who devoted his life to helping others. Initially, he believed he could change people's lives for the better, but slowly his confidence has been shaken. Lost, he is willing to try something radical in order to walk in the shoes of those he's been trying to help.

Director: Tony Marra
Cinematographer: Benjamin Marra
Editor: Tony Marra
Screenwriter: Tony Marra
Cast: Tony Marra


Katie & Shaun


Katie & Shaun is an eight-part series of dramatic web shorts about two people looking for connection while dealing with the realities of living with anxiety and depression.

Director: Susan Allen
Producer: Susan Allen




Ordinary, daily acts are shown in all its fantastical extraordinariness. This short animation looks at reality in a magical way.

Director: Edie Pijpers
Screenwriter: Edie Pijpers
Composer: Edie Pijpers


Wednesday, August 9, 6:00pm



The Pitch


In Elizabethan London, William Shakespeare pitches story ideas to a producer.

Director: Philip Street
Composer: Damian Kearns
Screenwriter: Philip Street


the Seven Men of Hanukkah


Not Every Audition is About Getting the Role...

Director: Daryl Lathon
Executive Producer: Daryl Lathon, Sharon Cooper, Al Cooper, Pauline Cooper
Cinematographer: Don Downie
Editor: Daryl Lathon
Composer: Nick Moore
Screenwriter: Sharon Cooper
Cast: Mike Houston, Jenny Kirlin, Shetal Shah, Sharon Cooper, Daryl Lathon




Retired puppeteer breathes life into more than just his puppets.

Director: Rossella Laeng


King’s Highway: The Story of Malcolm Fairfield


What happens when you realize your long-deceased brother is one of the most famous ghosts in New Jersey? Can tragedy transform into mythology? If you lived for the stage, would part of you always remain there? 'King's Highway: The Story of Malcolm Fairfield' explores these questions through interviews, archives, and reenactments.

Director: Boris Tsessarsky
Producer: Boris Tsessarsky
Cinematographer: Aaron Pattap
Editor: Clarkson (Duke) Fisher III
Screenwriter: Boris Tsessarsky




A woman examines her life with lucid Intervals of existential consciousness occupying her thoughts more than she thinks.

Director: Paul Kelly
Producer: Celeste Balducci
Editor: Celeste Balducci
Judith Roberts


Dress Rehearsal


A struggling method actor takes his research too far.

Screenwriter: Michael Boston
Screenwriter: Michael Boston


Philip Carlson On Behalf of Talent


A passion for finding talent. Philip Carlson was a talent agent who signed and represented the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Claire Danes, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and Liev Schreiber. His roster of acting talent is long and his career spanned decades.

Director: Christopher Ming Ryan


Wednesday, August 9, 7:45pm



Anywhere I Lay


Some nightmares follow you everywhere.

Director: Ryan Garretson
Executive Producer: Ryan Garretson
Cinematographer: Koshi Kiyokawa
Editor: Ryan Garretson, Joe Violette
Composer: Andrew Pomerpy, Lockett Pundt
Screenwriter: Robyn Nielsen, Sarah Goosmann, Ryan Garretson
Cast: Sarah Goosmann, Joel Nagle, Katie Lee Hill, Hank Morris, Julian O'Neal


The Girl and Mrs. Blake


A young vagabond meets an older woman in a hotel room who is looking for a nurse.

Director: Anthony Laura




After over 20 years with no contact, Ryan discovers that his absentee father is terminally ill and decides to confront him on his deathbed about his past transgressions.

Director: Jesse R. Tendler
Producer: Jesse R. Tendler
Co-Producers: Eric Grisanti & Ryan Gallagher
Executive Producers: Eric Grisanti & Robert Mosca
Cinematographer: Mattison Stanton
Editor: Ryan Gallagher
Composers: Thomas Lee & Federico Zegarra
Credits Song: Rob Van Zandt
Screenwriters: Eric Grisanti & Robert Mosca
Cast: William Jousset, Mike Starr, Dawn Jamieson, & Trace Lysette


Days Spent Searching


A dying young woman reconnects with her younger brother after having spent her remaining months searching for a mysterious treasure.

Director: Justin Patricolo
Executive Producer: Justin Patricolo, Thomas Sudzinski, Rory Buchanan
Cinematographer: Justin Patricolo
Editor: Justin Patricolo
Composer: James Thoubboron
Screenwriter: Justin Patricolo
Cast: Colleen Wright, Connor Siemer


Lily’s Secret


In Lilly's Secret, loneliness and alienation have been showed through social issues such as integration, equality between men and women, abortion. Lilly belongs to a minority culture in a society that seems inclined to not accept multiculturalism. She escapes from her life for a few hours, spending the night with a stranger who belongs to the same sub-culture. This creates a paradox where the life-time partner is seen as a stranger, while she creates a connection with her one night stand. The resistance to accept multiculturalism creates a vicious circle of discrimination and prejudice, where the victims react by behaving with animosity towards other communities. Another issue shown in Lilly's Secret is the drama a woman experiences; a drama that no man can understand. Furthermore, people who are strangers to Lilly, judge her actions, pretending to know what is best for her life. This is not a matter of religion, nor about being anti or pro abortion. It's about giving the person the freedom to choose. Lilly has to deal with her decision for the rest of her life. Either outcome will damage her, leaving a strong feeling of rejection and loneliness.

Director: Emanuele Michetti
Producer: Deukyun Hwang
Executive Producer: Emanuele Michetti, Dana Riveccio
Cinematographer: Emanuele Michetti
Editor: Emanuele Michetti
Composer: Adriano Aponte
Screenwriter: Emanuele Michetti
Cast: Deukyun Hwang, Lee way lan, Lisa Sperry




An unexpected visit triggers an elderly woman's memories of her past as a sex slave during the war.

Director: Deukyun Hwang
Executive Producer: Deukyun Hwang
Cinematographer: Koshi Kiyokawa
Editor: Deukyun Hwang
Composer: sooyoung kim
Screenwriter: Deukyun Hwang
Cast: Eiko Kawashima, Leeway Lan, ChulSoon Jang, Fenton Li, Kazuhiro Imafuku, Moonjung Jang, SoonMyung Lee




Etymology follows Catherine and her daughter Millie during the build-up to an important spelling bee.

Director: Maria McIndoo
Screenwriter: Tom Wilton
Cast: Kerri Lynn Miller


Lost and Broken


Sixteen years ago, Helen's son went missing. Now, a chance encounter could change everything.

Director: Kathy Fleig
Producer: Kathy Fleig, Amy R. Paulin
Screenwriter: Kathy Fleig
Cast: Tess Hartman, Sean Cullen, Tyler Kulfan




A young girl runs away from home in the dead of winter with her recently deceased mother's ashes in the hopes of having her remains dumped on the beach, only to be caught by her estranged older brother who tries to talk her out of it.

Director: Patrick John Ford
Producer: Morgan Ackley
Screenwriter: Patrick John Ford
Cast: David Rysdahl, Sophie Koski