Tuesday, August 8, 12:00pm


Beautiful Garden


An eclectic group of strangers live together under the single roof of a communal squat house, all of them chasing their own dream for a better life. There is CONNER, the clean-cut, all American kid who is saving every penny to go to college. His friend, MATTHEW, a street musician with a genuine devil may care attitude towards life. New arrivals LAUREN and STACY, two teenage runaways who find shelter at the house. Two street-wise hoodlums, JASON and ERIC, who have big plans for a big future. And husband and wife, TOM and JULIE, doing their best to raise a two year old son in the most unconventional of environments.Then there is the man they call KING. The head of the community, King has sold the idea of living a satisfying life away from the troubles of the world. Though in reality, King's true agenda contradicts the words he preaches to his people. The man behind the curtain is motivated only by greed and a desire for great power. In the attic he waits, watching it all unfold from above. Carefully and quietly, he pulls the strings in order to get what he wants.Unbeknownst to many who reside there, an evil grows from within the Utopian community. As life, love and dreams begin to blossom, a dark storm is brewing, waiting to sweep in and destroy it all.


Director: Christopher Peplin
Executive Producer: J Scott Scheel
Cinematographer: David Litz
Editor: Christopher Peplin
Screenwriter: Christopher Peplin
Cast: Richie Matthew Logsdon, Jade Viggiano, Alexander Mendeluk, Julia Lawler, Michael Frieman, Keith Coogan, Charles Moore, Christopher Peplin, J Scott Scheel


Tuesday, August 8, 2:00pm

Bullying & Online Dating


Hunter’s Fall


When a bully is confronted, how does he react?


Director: Peter J McCarthy
Cinematographer: Cathal Watters
Editor: Peter J McCarthy
Composer: Neil Horner
Screenwriter: Peter J McCarthy, Ben Conway, Kevin McCarthy
Cast: Ben Condron, Sam Smith, Patrick Gibson, Patrick Gibson, Clara Harte, Ryan McParland




Marta, Irene and Maria have just found out that Andrea, the girl they have been bullying, committed suicide.


Director: Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau
Executive Producer: Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau
Screenwriter: Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau


Break The Cycle


A girl's abusive friends will never leave her alone until she breaks the cycle.


Director: Emily Capriotti
Cinematographer: Andy Jean Louis
Editor: Jon Capriotti, Andy Jean Louis
Screenwriter: Emily Capriotti
Cast: Emily Capriotti,Hannah Teitelbaum,Elaina Francis


Alone Together


Ensam Tillsammans' is the story of Joel who's life turns upside down when the person he wants to meet least in the world forces into his apartment. Joel has to face a past he strived to get away from.A film about growing up with bullying and letting go.


Director: Johan Stavsjo
Cinematographer: Adam Normelli
Editor: Johan Stavsjo
Composer: Daniel Ugander
Screenwriter: Johan Stavsjo
Cast: Charlie Petersson, Jonatan Lewerth, Adam Winblad Von Walter, Idun Bakkejord




Two broken people come together and try to fix each other, but their ideas of what a 'fix' is are entirely different.


Director: Brendan Cook
Executive Producer: Nathan Beaman
Cinematographer: Joe Brady
Editor: Gillian Racine
Composer: Jackson Roe, David Lee Fiddler, Matt Cruz, Ian Crane
Screenwriter: Brendan Cook
Cast: Jared Hall, Aenea Thorne, Pal Hollywood, Jake Pierce




Hiroto, a heartbroken ex-businessman, begins pretending to be a cute girl and scamming different kinds of men for money on a dating website. One day, he accidentally meets a guy named Wang, a kind but lonely international student from China who falls hard for Hiroto's act as the girl and Hiroto feels unease in his heart by talking with Wang.


Director: Jii Zhang
Cinematographer: Jii Zhang
Editor: Jii Zhang
Screenwriter: Jii Zhang


Tuesday, August 8, 4:00pm



Before I Go


Starting a relationship is great. Ending them can be KILLER.


Director: Nick Garcia
Executive Producer: Nick Garcia, Michael Valentin
Cinematographer: Nick Garcia
Editor: Nick Garcia
Screenwriter: Nick Garcia




A young woman goes to extraordinary lengths to get even with her estranged sister.


Director: Lee Ann Hoover
Executive Producer: Lee Ann Hoover
Editor: Lee Ann Hoover
Screenwriter: Lee Ann Hoover




Dawn is breaking and the owls are stirring. A young woman has been murdered, but is this truly the end? This short film is based on an unfinished poem by Percy Shelley published in 1824.


Director: Tess Martin


Night In


During a quiet night in, a young woman knows she's not so alone.


Director: Christina Raia
Producer: Christina Raia
Cinematographer: Jeanette Sears
Composer: Alexandra Kalinowski
Screenwriter: Christina Raia
Cast: Dani Thomas


Rose’s Children


Grandma Rose's 4 grandchildren are at crossroads after their mothers murder and are left with no choice other then to join the family business.


Directors: Jamie Dolan & Josh Adwar
Writers: Jamie Dolan & Josh Adwar
Producer: Jamie Dolan
Executive Producer: Josh Adwar
Cinematographer: Alice Millar
Editor: Imran Vasnawala
Cast: Rutanya Alda, Josh Adwar, Jamie Dolan, Sydney Gayle, Roger H. Simon, Danielle Driscoll


Shutter Speed


Bailey, a mild-mannered but passionate photographer, who suddenly suspects his roommate, George, is using his camera to record murders. But as Bailey investigates, he discovers more than he could handle.


Director: Artie Vincent
Executive Producer: Artie Vincent
Cinematographer: Harrison Webster
Screenwriter: Artie Vincent
Cast: Nicholas Ferracamo, Jesus Pellot, Phaedra Lewis


Evil Woman


The night Brandon plans on proposing to his girlfriend of seven years, he finds out the dark and hilarious truth about her past.


Director: Danny Turkiewicz
Producer: Dylan Roast
Screenwriter: Danny Turkiewicz


Death Wish


An arrogant artist has an uncanny encounter with a ghost, trapped in a TV since the 80s, on the night he's building his magnum opus.


Director: Maya Korn, Benjamin K. Martin
Cinematographer: Benjamin K. Martin
Editor: Katrina Pastore, Sush Khadepaun
Composer: Alies Suiter
Screenwriter: Maya Korn
Cast: Andrew Maclarty, Julia DiVergilio, Rhiannon Lattimer, Stephanie Berger, Gabriel Don




The son of an investigative journalist stumbles upon his late father's last unsolved case - a 1960s murder that tore apart the gritty town of Passaic, NJ - and he needs to decide if he will dig back into the decades-old crime, to discover the truth behind the tragedy, in order to better understand his father and, ultimately, himself. Based on a true story.


Director: Douglas Underdahl
Screenwriter: Michael Klausner


Tuesday, August 8, 6:00pm



Sometimes, Forever


Sometimes, Forever' explores the relationship between two teen girls who are both best friends & sexually attracted to one another. Heather's open with her sexuality and her feelings for Aubrey, but Aubrey's on the fence which leads her to experiment in order to make sense of her blurry sexuality.


Director: Ashley George
Cinematographer: Tine Dilucia
Editor: Ashley George, Carrie Martin
Screenwriter: Ashley George
Cast: Indiana Tali, Alyssa Kempinski, Justin Nieto, Jonathan Iglesias




A young man discovers the right of passage comes with a price.


Director: Desmond Goldson
Cast: Reese Mister




After her engagement collapses, Mags’ mourning is interrupted by her little sister, recently out and seeking Mags’ support at a pride rally. With every day a reminder of her own failed relationship, Mags must decide what it means to support the people she loves.


Director: Sydney O'Haire
Producer: Sydney O'Haire, Sarahi Salazar
Cinematographer: Eric Liberacki
Editor: Magdalena Hernandez
Screenwriter: Abigail Accettura
Cast: Mélisa Breiner-Sanders, Elsa Guenther


Bound: The Series


Focusing on a Narcotics Enforcement Agency that works to target drug dealers to reduce street level drug activity, Bound follows Jacob Phillips, an on out gay agent, as he tries to find a balance in his feelings of allegiance to his job, a codependent friendship and a new man. In a place where the "good guys" get to identify how someone defines themselves, Jacob tries to find out if it is even possible to be a hero.


Director: Colin J Murphy
Producer: Colin J Murphy, Ruby Frankel
Cinematographer: Peter Pascucci, Josh Herzog
Screenwriter: Colin J Murphy, Alex Hughes
Cast: Jack Ball, Goldie Flavelle, Alex Hughes, Julia Schlaepfer, Roberto Morean, Adam Rodriguez, Kari Seward, Jennifer Parkhill, Heather Oakley


Lost Angels


An edgy, drag queen, who is the patriarch of his band of misfits, is murdered in a hate crime. Death is such a drag.


Director: Jesse C. Boyd
Screenwriter: Jesse C. Boyd
Cast: Jesse C. Boyd, Abbie de Vera, Billy Francesca, Evan Gamble, Yaz Canli, Josh Miller, Yaz Canli, Katie Amess


Tuesday, August 8, 8:00pm


Back For Good


Max Kelly is a pathetic cliché. She moved to New York to be an actress, but five years later, she's a single cocktail waitress whose agent just hanged herself. When her hometown ex sends her the sign she's been waiting for, Max starts to wonder why she left home in the first place. Sometimes to move forward, you have to move back.


Director: Molly Donovan, Bailey Donovan
Producer: Olivia Vaughn, Jennifer Taormina-Lawson
Executive Producer: Joel Donovan
Cinematographer: Ben Boyle
Editor: Chris Cichra
Cast: Molly Donovan, Ian Cramer, Maggie Carr, Peter Donovan, Julia Warner, Chris Fafalios, Colin Whitney, Ben Edelman




Posture explores the controversial world of competitive yoga. It follows three yogi athletes as they compete for gold at the 2016 USA Yoga Federation National Championship. But it's not all zen for the many critics who consider competitive yoga offensive to the very nature of this ancient practice.


Director: Daniel Nelson, Nathan Bender
Producer: Daniel Nelson, Nathan Bender