Monday, August 7, 12:00pm



College experiments on students produce unexpected violent results. A science fiction thriller feature.


Director: Jay Sangi


Fine Dining


A Tale of Two Vampires


Director, Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Screenwriter: Usher Morgan
Cast: Joel Bernard,Elyse Price,Diana Avellino


Monday, August 7, 1:45pm


Eddie Glum


In this nightmare style horror film a mentally disturbed man tries to survive in an abandoned suburb at the end of the world.


Director, editor,  & screenwriter: Charles Davis
Composer: Nelson Navarrete
Cast: Charles Davis, Donna Moschek, Morgan MacCarthy




Welcome to the Global Evacuation and Re-population Initiative. You have 4 days to say goodbye to your loved ones.


Director, Editor, Screenwriter: Matthew Nash
Producers: Matthew Nash, James Manning
Cinematographer: Rob Coshow
Composer: Jason Egan, Paul DePasquale, Nikki DePasquale
Cast: Drew Katz, James Manning, Alicia Turbitt, Angela Mittiga


Monday, August 7, 3:45pm



Where There's Smoke


After a tragic accident, a firefighter must convince the city commissioner he's able to return to the line of duty.


Director: Evan Ari Kelman
Executive Producer: Parker Hill, Rose Ganguzza
Editor: Henry Hayes
Composer: James Newberry
Cast: Tom Lipinski, Robert Cervini, Terrance McFadden Jr., Gregory James Cohan, Edward Heegan, Sawandi Wilson, Michael Basile, Joe Ryan, Colin Murray, Steve Cavanaugh, Kevin Ralston


The Possession


Having been outed to his corrupt captain, a police whistleblower tries desperately to save his skin in an Orwellian game of cat and mouse.


Director, Editor, Screenwriter: Timothy Covell
Cast: Shivantha Wijesinha, Lenny Thomas, Leigh Anne West, George Nicolaidis


The Penalty


Two friends meet up for their annual penalty shoot out competition. As they raise the stakes a secret surfaces that threatens to tear their friendship apart... or even worse.


Director, Cinematographer: Patrick O'Shea
Cast: Kevin Fitzsimons, Owen Fitzpatrick




Robbie vows revenge on the drug dealer that he blames for the death of his younger brother.




Deborah relies on chance to avoid making any choices in her life, but then faces a decision that can't be left up to fate.


Director: Rick Hamilton
Cinematographer: Haya AlGhanim
Editor: Rick Hamilton
Composer: Craig Klonowski
Screenwriter: Rick Hamilton
Cast: D'Vorah Bailey


Brother’s Keeper


A vengeful young woman races down a barren California Highway with a problem in her trunk, a problem she plans to leave buried in desert.


Director: Alexander Delgado, Nash Lundquist
Producer: Alexander Delgado
Screenwriter: Nash Lundquist, Alexander Delgado
Cast: Carlena Britch, Benjamin Barret


Cartoon Lullaby


Two young adults say their goodbyes, and confront the nature of growing up, hours before one is to be deployed for military service.


Director: John-Daniel Arauz
Producer: Helene Theberge
Screenwriter: John-Daniel Arauz
Cast: Alex Petrachuk, Curtis Legault


Man’s Best


A depressed loner going through a rough time in his life must desperately find a way to save his dog before it's too late.


Director: Seth McTigue


Monday, August 7, 5:45pm

Being A Woman




A rising financial analyst steps out of her comfort zone to partner with her best friend in a pole dance competition.


Director: Natasha Kermani
Executive Producer: David Flegel, Robert K. Hobson
Cinematographer: Tim Wu
Editor: Chris Willet
Screenwriter: Stefanie Woodburn, Jeane Wong
Cast: Stefanie Woodburn, Heather West, Monica Kay, Jordan Shappell, Ian Chen, Elise Callahan, Ava Callahan


The Hot One, The Smart One, or The Girl?


Three applicants, one job and an upside down world of sexual politics. Don't forget your lipstick boys.

Director: James Magnus Woods
Producer: Kate Lucas, Rene Woods, John Rogers
Executive Producer: Erica Gay Woods, Roy Israel
Cinematographer: Brad Burke
Timothy Ringwood: Timothy Ringwood
Screenwriter: James Magnus Woods
Cast: Taylor Cowan, Kevin Sebastian, Skyler Volpe, Kate Lucas, Victoria Hill, Ed Coper, Gabriel Rysdahl, Edward Donnelly, Shirley Huang, Summer Coper, Rachel Grundy, Allie Leonard, Rene Woods, Kelsea Murphy


One Minute of Resistance


A one minute film that captures the faces and depth of the one of the largest nationwide protests the USA has ever seen.


Swiped Right


When Ava, a successful woman over forty who still hasn't found love, decides to join a hot online dating App to satisfy her libido, she has a new outlook on life...until she meets Angelo, who doesn't quite meet up to his provocative profile name.

Director: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Producer: Lydia Fiore, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Composer: Vin Scialla, Travis Elliot
Screenwriter: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Cast: Lydia Fiore, Anthony Grasso, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Stephanie Weppler, Kisha Barr, Vin Scialla, John Murdolo, Stephanie Ferreira, Pasquale Di Palma, Alicia Javier, William Roberts Lee, Cheryl Smallma
Crew: Toru Nishikubo, Isa Maeda, Makoto Matsuo, Brian Joseph, Jennifer Pappas, Lee Ann Hoover, Alicia Javier, William Roberts Lee, William Seife, David Cortes, Stuart Gardiner


Arm Bar


A young, aspiring MMA fighter, visits her local boxing gym to settle a dispute with the owner.


Director: Ryan Kramer
Producer: Christina Raia
Screenwriter: Ryan Kramer
Cast: Latresa Baker, Ryan Barger, Victoria Wallace, Ricardo Manigat


Undefinable Girl, Unacceptable Fact


To raise the voice of the young women of color who refuse to be identified as stereotypes of their skins instead of their individual beauty.


My Erotic Body


The image of sexy women writhing on a metal pole to the pulses of driving music reflects a seedy form of male entertainment. But what happens when there are no men and it is only women dancing for each other? In My Erotic Body filmmaker Michele Beck takes us on a journey inside the world of pole dancing for the everyday woman. In the classroom, lawyers, mothers, businesswomen and housewives of all ages and body types gyrate around the pole, lap dance and slowly strip their clothes off while the other women cheer. As the film unfolds, dance sequences are interspersed with pole dancing instruction and interviews with women who discuss their erotic dance personas, the clothes they wear and the music they dance to. Outside the studio, Beck speaks with professionals in the fields of psychoanalysis and social criticism, giving context to how the women are able to make this dance their own. My Erotic Body explores a community where women take the very aspects of a dance form associated with misogyny – stripper shoes, skimpy clothes, sexually submissive postures - and turns them on their head, creating a space where the same clothes and gestures lead not to objectification, but instead lead the women to own their erotic bodies.


Director: Michele Beck
Producer: Michele Beck
Screenwriter: Michele Beck
Cast: Students at Sheila Kelley S Factor, New York


Monday, August 7, 8:15pm

Mix Tape: Time, Oddities & Love


Death Wish


An arrogant artist has an uncanny encounter with a ghost, trapped in a TV since the 80s, on the night he's building his magnum opus.


Director: Maya Korn, Benjamin K. Martin
Cinematographer: Benjamin K. Martin
Editor: Katrina Pastore, Sush Khadepaun
Composer: Alies Suiter
Screenwriter: Maya Korn
Cast: Andrew Maclarty, Julia DiVergilio, Rhiannon Lattimer, Stephanie Berger, Gabriel Don




A lonely man does battle with a relentless piece of music.


Director: Tara Price
Screenwriter: Tara Price


In Search of An Author


Characters of an unfinished book take life to seek for an author to write an ending to their saga.


Director: Alain Raymond


Bruce Loves You


A charismatic and handsome ghost is dating a young woman. But when he begins to compliment her roommate's “subtle” voice, his real intentions become clear.


Director: Darin Quan
Producer: Darin Quan, Stephanie Iscovitz
Screenwriter: Darin Quan
Cast: Chris Roberti, Stephanie Iscovitz, Sarah duRivage-Jacobs, Jeanne Mailloux
Assistant: James Morrison




What if our realities were just deals we made with ourselves? Whose life are we living when we are really awake?


Director: Russell Kohlmann
Executive Producer: Russell Kohlmann
Cinematographer: Daniel Guillaro
Screenwriter: Shara Ashley Zeiger
Cast: Shara Ashley Zeiger, Russell Kohlmann, Melissa L. Guzman, Jordan Gosnell, Ellen Mah, Melene Sosi, Anthony Fagan, Amy Connerly


South Street Seaport Love


Is there such thing as love at first sight?


Director: Richard Lampone
Editor: Richard Lampone
Screenwriter: Richard Lampone




In the future Guy meets the lady of his dreams, a momentary lapse in digestive self control forces the humiliated Guy to utilize society's latest technology in order to clear the air for a second chance at a first impression.


Director: Angelique Adelina
Cinematographer: Hiroshi Hara
Editor: Michael Belardi
Screenwriter: Joe Capozzi
Cast: Joe Capozzi, Shana Farr, Jeffrey Hardy, David Beck


Fine Dining


A Tale of Two Vampires


Director: Usher Morgan
Executive Producer: Usher Morgan
Cinematographer: Usher Morgan
Screenwriter: Usher Morgan
Cast: Joel Bernard, Elyse Price, Diana Avellino


Mic & Me


Cadence finds that dating a microphone is not without its costs.


Director: Jacob Shao
Cinematographer: Jordan Shelwood
Editor: Jacob Shao
Composer: Jacky Deng
Screenwriter: Jacob Shao
Cast: Samantha Nugent, Jesse James Keitel