Schuyler Helford

Interviewed by Samantha Fioravanti for Chain NYC Film Festival

How much of the episode content is inspired by your own lives?

Obviously since we share names with both the lead characters in #Cybriety, they are definitely comedic versions of ourselves. However, the difference is that we, the real Ally and Schuyler, could never go without our iPhones or computers for more than... let's say... two hours. I think that's pretty much when the cold sweats start coming on.

What message(s) are you trying to convey with this web series?

I think Ally and my number one goal was to create a web series that didn't just involve two females dealing with boy issues the whole time, which was what a lot of the two-women buddy comedies we were seeing revolved around. As for a message we were trying to convey... As technology becomes more and more part of our every day (every minute) activities, it's important to take a step back every once in a while and see when it might be time to unplug for a little bit -- I don't know what I'm saying, we really just wanted to make people laugh.

What is the most challenging obstacle you face as both writers and actors in this series?

Ally and I both come from theater backgrounds and are primarily actors, so the biggest challenge for us was figuring out the technical side of creating a web series and all that goes into a cinematic production. Out of necessity, we became producers, crafts services, and prop masters. And thank god we had an awesome crew behind the scenes to make it all happen. 

Is there plans for a Season Two?

 There are talks of #Cybriety 2.0 so stay tuned!