Wednesday, August 9, 4:00pm

Communication Breakdown


Language Is Dead


When words fail to describe his feelings a man seeks the aid of a therapist; the two then embark on a journey exploring human connectivity and its limitations.

Director: Jermaine Manigault
Producer: Jermaine Manigault, John J Callejas
Screenwriter: Jermaine Manigault
Cast: James Physick, Kim Krizan, Kacie Marie, Erika Citrin




Daydreams of dancers flood the thoughts of a woman fighting her feelings of unrequited love.

Director: Josiah Cuneo
Producer: Josiah Cuneo
Screenwriter: Josiah Cuneo
Cast: Malin Barr, Ben van Berkum


To Whom It May Concern


At a chic Manhattan gallery opening, a young woman is startled to discover she bears an alarming resemblance to the subject of the photographs on display. Over the course of a single evening, she explores both the city and herself in search of the truth behind the mysterious picture she can't remember taking.

Director: Blake Rice
Producer: Blake Rice, Stephanie Iscovitz, Gabriella Piazza
Screenwriter: Blake Rice
Cast: Gabriella Piazza, Noelle Lake, Logan Sutherland, Kajauna Marie, John Whitney, Colin Li, Jacob Berger, Hunter Hoffman, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Justin Kruger, Cezar Constantine, Stephanie L Iscovitz


Talk To Me


A comedy/drama about a burned out psychotherapist who decides she doesn't want to be around crazy people anymore. In her quest for a new career, she discovers that the bosses who interview her are crazier than her patients. And she rediscovers her true calling in life.

Director: Mark Stolzenberg
Executive Producer: Mark Schulman
Cinematographer: Eric Alexander
Editor: Adam Hada, Eric Alexander
Screenwriter: Mark Stolzenberg
Cast: Judy Copeland, Helen Mandlin, Rachel Rivera, Mark Stolzenberg, Vinit Dubay, Patrick Heraghty, Marion Covit, Marina Bekker


Speck of Dust


A dark drama about a priest who devoted his life to helping others. Initially, he believed he could change people's lives for the better, but slowly his confidence has been shaken. Lost, he is willing to try something radical in order to walk in the shoes of those he's been trying to help.

Director: Tony Marra
Cinematographer: Benjamin Marra
Editor: Tony Marra
Screenwriter: Tony Marra
Cast: Tony Marra


Katie & Shaun


Katie & Shaun is an eight-part series of dramatic web shorts about two people looking for connection while dealing with the realities of living with anxiety and depression.

Director: Susan Allen
Producer: Susan Allen




Ordinary, daily acts are shown in all its fantastical extraordinariness. This short animation looks at reality in a magical way.

Director: Edie Pijpers
Screenwriter: Edie Pijpers
Composer: Edie Pijpers