Monday, August 7, 3:45pm



Where There's Smoke


After a tragic accident, a firefighter must convince the city commissioner he's able to return to the line of duty.


Director: Evan Ari Kelman
Executive Producer: Parker Hill, Rose Ganguzza
Editor: Henry Hayes
Composer: James Newberry
Cast: Tom Lipinski, Robert Cervini, Terrance McFadden Jr., Gregory James Cohan, Edward Heegan, Sawandi Wilson, Michael Basile, Joe Ryan, Colin Murray, Steve Cavanaugh, Kevin Ralston


The Possession


Having been outed to his corrupt captain, a police whistleblower tries desperately to save his skin in an Orwellian game of cat and mouse.


Director, Editor, Screenwriter: Timothy Covell
Cast: Shivantha Wijesinha, Lenny Thomas, Leigh Anne West, George Nicolaidis


The Penalty


Two friends meet up for their annual penalty shoot out competition. As they raise the stakes a secret surfaces that threatens to tear their friendship apart... or even worse.


Director, Cinematographer: Patrick O'Shea
Cast: Kevin Fitzsimons, Owen Fitzpatrick




Robbie vows revenge on the drug dealer that he blames for the death of his younger brother.




Deborah relies on chance to avoid making any choices in her life, but then faces a decision that can't be left up to fate.


Director: Rick Hamilton
Cinematographer: Haya AlGhanim
Editor: Rick Hamilton
Composer: Craig Klonowski
Screenwriter: Rick Hamilton
Cast: D'Vorah Bailey


Brother’s Keeper


A vengeful young woman races down a barren California Highway with a problem in her trunk, a problem she plans to leave buried in desert.


Director: Alexander Delgado, Nash Lundquist
Producer: Alexander Delgado
Screenwriter: Nash Lundquist, Alexander Delgado
Cast: Carlena Britch, Benjamin Barret


Cartoon Lullaby


Two young adults say their goodbyes, and confront the nature of growing up, hours before one is to be deployed for military service.


Director: John-Daniel Arauz
Producer: Helene Theberge
Screenwriter: John-Daniel Arauz
Cast: Alex Petrachuk, Curtis Legault


Man’s Best


A depressed loner going through a rough time in his life must desperately find a way to save his dog before it's too late.


Director: Seth McTigue