Tuesday, August 8, 2:00pm

Bullying & Online Dating


Hunter’s Fall


When a bully is confronted, how does he react?


Director: Peter J McCarthy
Cinematographer: Cathal Watters
Editor: Peter J McCarthy
Composer: Neil Horner
Screenwriter: Peter J McCarthy, Ben Conway, Kevin McCarthy
Cast: Ben Condron, Sam Smith, Patrick Gibson, Patrick Gibson, Clara Harte, Ryan McParland




Marta, Irene and Maria have just found out that Andrea, the girl they have been bullying, committed suicide.


Director: Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau
Executive Producer: Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau
Screenwriter: Maria Medinilla, Roger Grau


Break The Cycle


A girl's abusive friends will never leave her alone until she breaks the cycle.


Director: Emily Capriotti
Cinematographer: Andy Jean Louis
Editor: Jon Capriotti, Andy Jean Louis
Screenwriter: Emily Capriotti
Cast: Emily Capriotti,Hannah Teitelbaum,Elaina Francis


Alone Together


Ensam Tillsammans' is the story of Joel who's life turns upside down when the person he wants to meet least in the world forces into his apartment. Joel has to face a past he strived to get away from.A film about growing up with bullying and letting go.


Director: Johan Stavsjo
Cinematographer: Adam Normelli
Editor: Johan Stavsjo
Composer: Daniel Ugander
Screenwriter: Johan Stavsjo
Cast: Charlie Petersson, Jonatan Lewerth, Adam Winblad Von Walter, Idun Bakkejord




Two broken people come together and try to fix each other, but their ideas of what a 'fix' is are entirely different.


Director: Brendan Cook
Executive Producer: Nathan Beaman
Cinematographer: Joe Brady
Editor: Gillian Racine
Composer: Jackson Roe, David Lee Fiddler, Matt Cruz, Ian Crane
Screenwriter: Brendan Cook
Cast: Jared Hall, Aenea Thorne, Pal Hollywood, Jake Pierce




Hiroto, a heartbroken ex-businessman, begins pretending to be a cute girl and scamming different kinds of men for money on a dating website. One day, he accidentally meets a guy named Wang, a kind but lonely international student from China who falls hard for Hiroto's act as the girl and Hiroto feels unease in his heart by talking with Wang.


Director: Jii Zhang
Cinematographer: Jii Zhang
Editor: Jii Zhang
Screenwriter: Jii Zhang