Tuesday, August 8, 12:00pm


Beautiful Garden


An eclectic group of strangers live together under the single roof of a communal squat house, all of them chasing their own dream for a better life. There is CONNER, the clean-cut, all American kid who is saving every penny to go to college. His friend, MATTHEW, a street musician with a genuine devil may care attitude towards life. New arrivals LAUREN and STACY, two teenage runaways who find shelter at the house. Two street-wise hoodlums, JASON and ERIC, who have big plans for a big future. And husband and wife, TOM and JULIE, doing their best to raise a two year old son in the most unconventional of environments.Then there is the man they call KING. The head of the community, King has sold the idea of living a satisfying life away from the troubles of the world. Though in reality, King's true agenda contradicts the words he preaches to his people. The man behind the curtain is motivated only by greed and a desire for great power. In the attic he waits, watching it all unfold from above. Carefully and quietly, he pulls the strings in order to get what he wants.Unbeknownst to many who reside there, an evil grows from within the Utopian community. As life, love and dreams begin to blossom, a dark storm is brewing, waiting to sweep in and destroy it all.


Director: Christopher Peplin
Executive Producer: J Scott Scheel
Cinematographer: David Litz
Editor: Christopher Peplin
Screenwriter: Christopher Peplin
Cast: Richie Matthew Logsdon, Jade Viggiano, Alexander Mendeluk, Julia Lawler, Michael Frieman, Keith Coogan, Charles Moore, Christopher Peplin, J Scott Scheel