Total: 118M

Time Chicken (6M)
A Hero's Tale (1M)
A Drag Queen for Kids (14M)
F5 (4M)
The Low Road, Baby (4M)
Oh My (4M)
Aunt Glenda (4M)
Timeshifters (6M)
Memoirs of A Hip 'Ole Black Man (75M)

2:20 pm

Total: 103M

Teddy (12M)
Heathen (12M)
Gravedigger (40M)
Keepsake (17M)
The Brutal Truth (14M)
Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive (8M)

4:30 pm

Total: 73M

Ted (4M)
Coming to Terms(12M)
Echoes (10M)
The Telegram Man (14M)
The Five Ants In My Apartment (3M)
The Truth, A Short Film (2M)
Muscle (14M)
The Last Words (6M)
What Kent Did (8M)


time: 80M